Date Software Update for iAuto  Software Update for iDraw 
April 30th, 2024 Updated the software with API document>>>
April 19th, 2024 Fixed the export settings>>>
April 15th, 2024 iAuto Software V2.0 is released, 6 different new features are added, download the software here>>>
March 27th, 2024 Updated the extensive file for Mac, Windows and Linux to better support the Preview Function here>>>
March 10th, 2024 Quick Start for iAuto Quick Start for iDraw
Feb. 23rd, 2024  The cloud of font customization online app moved from China to Hongkong, now you can customize and download the fonts on your own here: N/A
Jan. 7th, 2024 N/A Updated teh extensive file to strictly perseve the file order.
March 23th, 2023 N/A Updated the extensive files with better integration with Lightburn software for laser users
Jan., 2023 N/A Updated the motherboard with integrated design to solve the problem of high-speed heat dissipation


Part 1 - For all iDraw machines

After Jan. 11th, 2023, please download the software, extensive files and user manuel here>>>(Integrated motherboard, updated on March 30th, 2023, support Windows, Mac, Linux OS). For laser engraving heads, you can download the FREE lightburn or Paid LaserGRBL to control it. 

You will find the software and extensive files as well as the installation guide in this download, please make sure you installed the right version. Both Mac and Windows are included. And all versions of UUNA TEK®1.0, 2.0 and H are included. Please not that the UUNA TEK® 2.0 and H shared the same software and extensive files.

Don't know which version to buy? Check this buying guide>>

Some special software versions of iDraw pen plotters:

1. for those who needs email merge, please download the extensive file here: Windows:


2. for those who wants to adjust the defult speed, you can download the firmware here:

Kindly be aware that opting for the default speed is our suggested choice for extended usage. Should this adjustment result in any wear and tear to your machine, it's important to note that the warranty coverage may not apply. This recommendation primarily applies to secondary development. For those new to this process, we advise against performing updates.

3. Extensive with laser function, which is only applicable for 1.0 machines:

4. Extensive with plot function:

5. Need some svg files with coding? Download here>>>

Part 2 - For All iAuto auto feeding machine pen plotters

Some Free SVG Files

Looking for some free SVG files to start? Check those files made by UUNA TEK® Team>>>


How to convert your photos to svg file step by step>>>

Don't Buy from Fake Shops

 #fakealert #FraudAlert 

Recently,  we got many aftersales requests from some amazon customers, who bought  machines from some fake shops. All those shops said they're UUNA TEK® but  they's NOT! Most of them are the customers but resell on amazon or any  other platforms. UUNA TEK® is the only official seller of UUNA TEK®, which is  the brand built and developped by UUNA TEK® team since 2015. Due  to limited energy, as some fans may know that we're the couple company  with several employees, we didn't open any other shops on Amazon or any  other platforms. Except for following shops:




However,  we're outstanding of long-term support, free upgrades and quality  service and product. We're not big, but we have a sincere heart to  service every customer. In  order to advoid to be fraut in the future, we found the following  shops, who are fake shops, they're not UUNA TEK®, who could not provide full and local support as what we did.

For UUNA TEK®,  you can only buy from or DON'T BE  MISLEAD. 

For those who had already bought the machines from other shops, i highly recommend you to ask for refund or return, or your warranty can not be assured and protected.

Please help to spread the word, email us if you found more shops like this,


Una from UUNA TEK®