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UUNA TEK® is the NO.1 Provider of iDraw Drawing Robots Pen Plotters and iAuto - the World's 1st True Automatic Handwriting Machines, Best Automatic Signature Machine, 3X Faster, More Stable with Better Quality. Trusted by 20,000+ Global Customers, Partner with Industry Leaders since 2015. Best Tools for Businesses, Digital Artists and DIYers.

Step into a new era of creativity with the UUNA TEK® Pen Plotter—3X faster than competitors like AxiDraw. Boasting over 8 years of excellence, we've earned the trust of 20,000+ satisfied customers globally. Since 2015, we've been proud partners with industry leaders like Elektor, Thingbits, and Johnson Consult. Collaborating with top services such as Handwrytten and Pendroid, and prestigious institutions like Nottingham Trent University, we're the go-to choice in STEAM education and generative art communities.

Moreover, UUNA TEK is the inventor and provider of iAuto, which stands as the world's 1st True automatic handwriting machine for bulk writing cards, invitations, letters, and envelopes, supporting up to 80 papers each time. Choose UUNA TEK® for unparalleled speed, quality, and the assurance of partnering with leaders in the field—your gateway to a superior pen plotting experience.

iAuto - World's 1st TRUE Automatic Writing Machine for Bulk Writing Envelops, Letters, Papers, Emails at Ease

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  • Art Blocks Marfa Weekend Sponsor

    Art Blocks Marfa Weekend Sponsor

    UUNA TEK®, a prominent name in innovative technology, proudly announces its role as the main sponsor for the highly anticipated Art Blocks Marfa Weekend which took place from September 21 to 24, 2023, in Marfa, Texas. iDraw pen plotters by UUNA TEK have consistently proven to be the go-to choice for generative artists. Their precision, versatility, and efficiency empower artists to bring their visions to life with unparalleled accuracy and creativity. With their state-of-the-art technology, iDraw pen plotters offer an immersive experience, enabling artists to translate their ideas into stunning artworks.

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  • HACKADAY.IO Review iDraw


    I absolutely love the iDraw 2.0 A3 pen plotter, and I'm super excited to use it for many more projects. As a beginner, this pen plotter has exceeded my expectations and opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. Setup was a breeze, and it works seamlessly with Inkscape. The precision and accuracy of the pen plotter are impressive. I'm also impressed with the durability and sturdiness. It feels well-made and reliable, which gives me confidence that it will last for a long time, allowing me to create countless projects without worries. ---By RogueT3K

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    Convolutional neural networks and data augmentation strategies are tuned, producing a model of 87.12% accuracy for the verification of 2,640 human signatures. Two approaches are used to successfully attack the model with false-acceptance of forgeries. Robotic arms (Line-us and iDraw) physically copy real signatures on paper, and a conditional Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is trained to generate signatures based on the binary class of ‘genuine’ and ‘forged’. The 87.12% error margin is overcome by all approaches; prevalence of successful attacks is 32% for iDraw 2.0, 24% for Line-us, and 40% for the GAN.  

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Why Choose UUNA TEK Pen Plotters?

Personalized Postcard Magic with Email Merge

Elevate your postcard game with UUNA TEK®'s innovative integration of the Personalized Postcard Magic feature. Seamlessly merging technology and design, this functionality allows you to effortlessly create personalized postcards by incorporating each recipient's name into the artistic tapestry. Whether you're expressing heartfelt sentiments or executing impactful marketing strategies, UUNA TEK® brings a unique touch to your communication, fostering lasting connections through meticulous attention to detail. Check the email merge guide here.

Hershey Font Compatibility

Elevate your creations with UUNA TEK®'s cutting-edge Hershey Font Compatibility feature. Seamlessly integrate Hershey fonts, renowned for their handwritten charm, into your designs for a timeless allure. Effortlessly apply the most popular handwriting fonts to your personalized postcards and artworks, capturing the essence of human touch with each pen stroke. UUNA TEK® adds an authentic touch to your messages, resonating with recipients whether you're conveying heartfelt messages or designing captivating artworks. Please note that we don't provide this fonts for FREE.

Enhanced Precision and Speed for Improved Efficiency

UUNA TEK® takes efficiency to the next level by introducing a cutting-edge upgrade in precision and speed. With the integration of 4 stepper motors, a substantial improvement over the previous two servo motors, our Pen Plotter delivers unparalleled precision, speed, and efficiency. Experience a 3-4 times increase in the speed of handwriting, plotting, and lasering processes compared to the earlier UUNA TEK® 1.0 model. The plotter now effortlessly produces approximately 500-600 characters per minute, providing users with significant time-saving benefits.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity, Declutter Your Workspace

UUNA TEK® brings you a hassle-free plotting experience with seamless wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or USB cable. Bid farewell to the limitations of confined space and relish the freedom to control the plotter from a distance. With the convenience of wireless connectivity, you can effortlessly declutter your workspace, creating a more organized and efficient environment. For step-by-step instructions on Bluetooth connection, please refer to the Bluetooth setup guide for easy and trouble-free pairing. Check the video guide here.

Enhanced Compatibility with High Power Laser Head, Unlock Limitless Possibilities

UUNA TEK® takes innovation to new heights with an upgraded metal structure in our Pen Plotter, ensuring superior stability and performance when paired with a variety of high-power laser heads. This enhancement opens up a world of possibilities for you to explore. The plotter provides multiple options for laser power, ranging from 500mW to 5000mW, allowing you to unleash your creativity by laser engraving or cutting a diverse range of materials, including wood, acrylic, metal, food, glass, leather, and more. Embrace the freedom to bring your unique ideas to life with precision and versatility. Check all laser heads here>>

Enhanced Safety and Convenience with Limit Switch, Power On/Off, and Pause Buttons

Experience heightened safety and convenience with UUNA TEK®'s Pen Plotter featuring a thoughtful integration of a limit switch, power on/off, and pause buttons.

Are you tired of the tedious task of locating the starting point for duplicate jobs, like writing invitation letters for all your relatives? UUNA TEK® provides a solution with its intelligent limit switch. Every time you start a job, the limit switch ensures a swift and precise location of the beginning point, eliminating the need for repetitive searching.

Moreover, our Pen Plotter is designed with user convenience in mind. The power on/off and pause buttons grant you control over the operation, allowing you to manage tasks with enhanced safety and ease. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and enjoy a streamlined plotting experience with UUNA TEK®.

Ideal for Repetitive Jobs and Small Business Ventures

UUNA TEK®'s Pen Plotter is your perfect companion for repetitive tasks and small business ventures. Whether you're gearing up for the holiday season by creating multiple personalized posters or invitation letters with unique handwriting styles, venturing into online sales with customized generative art and frames, or setting up shop to offer DIY cups and cellphone cases, the UUNA TEK® 2.0 is tailored to meet your diverse needs.

With this advanced version, there's no longer a need to outsource these products. Now, you can effortlessly print or write them on your own terms, giving you the flexibility and control to bring your creative endeavors to life with precision and efficiency. Check some business plans with pen plotters here.

Versatile Font Support and Customization for Personalized Designs

UUNA TEK®'s 2.0 stands out with its exceptional ability to replicate your handwriting onto any flat surface, offering a diverse selection of over 100 free fonts. Whether your preference leans towards classic and elegant or playful and whimsical styles, our Pen Plotter provides a wide range of font options for your personalized designs.

Moreover, if you have your own custom handwriting fonts, UUNA TEK® 2.0 makes it effortless to upload and tailor your writing style, ensuring that your creations truly reflect your unique personality. Enjoy the versatility and creative freedom to craft personalized designs that leave a lasting impression.

Open-Source Free Software with Lifetime Updates, Ideal for STEAM Programming

UUNA TEK®'s pen plotters comes with open-source software, guaranteeing complete accessibility and flexibility. This free software is accompanied by lifetime updates, ensuring continuous improvements and the addition of new features to enhance your overall experience.

The software seamlessly integrates with well-known programs such as Inkscape and LaserGRBL, providing a diverse range of programming options suitable for users of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of STEAM programming or an experienced enthusiast, our open-source software empowers you to unlock the full potential of your creative endeavors. Check all software video guide here>>>

Vibrant Layer Painting, Unlock a Colorful World

Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of art with UUNA TEK®'s pen plotters. Departing from traditional generative arts confined to black and white, UUNA TEK® Pen plotter introduces an exciting vibrant layer printing function. Through multiple layers, you can now infuse your creations with depth and a rich spectrum of colors, patterns, and gradients. Unleash your artistic potential and explore a vivid realm of expression with UUNA TEK® Pen Plotters, where your imagination knows no bounds. Check the how to make multi-colored svg files here.

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1.How does the pen plotter work?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw functions as a pen plotter, representing a straightforward form of robotic technology. Its primary role involves guiding a pen or other implement, affixed to the pen holder, along specified vector lines, curves, and paths as per user instructions. All capabilities of the machine, whether it be drawing graphics, producing text, or authenticating documents, emanate from this foundational function. The device exhibits proficiency in rendering virtually any composition formulated through a set of lines.

In practical terms, using the UUNA TEK® iDraw resembles the operation of a traditional printer, with the crucial distinction that documents must be constructed using paths rather than pixels for optimal performance.

2.What are the most common applications?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw is an exceptionally versatile machine crafted to cater to a diverse range of drawing and writing requirements, both common and specialized. This innovative device seamlessly performs tasks typically associated with a handheld pen, offering a myriad of applications.

Common uses include:

Signature Automation: Ideal for signing checks, diplomas, headshots, and other documents requiring personalized signatures.

Handwriting Replication: Functions as a precision "handwriting" machine, serving various purposes where accurate script reproduction is essential.

Digital Artistry: Embraced by digital artists who leverage the UUNA TEK® iDraw to precisely plot and bring their digital artwork to life.

Versatile Fabrication Tool: Beyond traditional drawing and writing, the UUNA TEK® iDraw extends its capabilities as a versatile fabrication tool, contributing to a broad spectrum of creative and practical applications.

3.What kinds of pens can you use?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw, unlike requiring proprietary pens or ink, offers the flexibility of using a variety of pens chosen within specified guidelines.

The UUNA TEK® iDraw has the capacity to accommodate pens with a diameter of up to 10mm.

Suitable choices for pens include fountain pens, permanent markers, liquid-ink rollerball pens, technical pens, small-bodied whiteboard markers, and other writing and drawing instruments that do not necessitate significant downward pressure. Although the term "pens" is used for brevity, it's worth noting that other instruments like automatic pencils (especially those with soft lead), chalk, charcoal, and brushes can also perform effectively in many instances.

4.What kinds and sizes of paper can you use?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw doesn't demand special paper; it accommodates nearly any type and size of paper, and even unconventional materials.

The XY travel (printable area) of the UUNA TEK® iDraw varies according to the model, with the smallest version surpassing the dimensions of both US letter (8½ × 11”) and A4 paper sizes. Larger models boast approximately twice this travel area.

You can effortlessly work with papers up to the size of the travel area, enabling direct writing on small items like business cards, arrays of them, medium-sized pieces like envelopes and note cards, or standard sheets of paper.

Moreover, the UUNA TEK® iDraw's innovative design features a drawing head that extends beyond the machine's body. This design allows you to work with paper larger than the travel area, enabling drawing on flat objects exceeding the machine's dimensions. For instance, you can position it on top of a box to address it or even set it on a poster board, chalkboard, or whiteboard to create graphics in place.

5.Which model should I get?

You can follow the detail guide:


For most applications, the optimal choice is the standard-size UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 A4, renowned for its compact design that seamlessly integrates into your workspace. This model provides ample plotting area, accommodating sizes up to 8½ × 11” / A4.

The larger UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 A3, with double the plotting area, caters to those with a need to plot larger items or to arrange two smaller items side by side—such as two US Letter or A4 pages or a sheet of paper alongside an envelope.

For those seeking the utmost in performance, the advanced UUNA TEK® iDraw H A3 shares the plotting area of the UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 A3 but distinguishes itself with a more stable H structure. This design enhances performance, particularly at high speeds, making it our top-of-the-line machine. Remarkably, it operates 300% faster than any other competitors currently available in the market.

6.What's in the box?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw itself


Universal-input plug-in power supply

USB Cable, 6 ft (2 m)

Base plate (optional)

Magnetic Blocks (optional)

Laser Head (optional)

7.What accessories are available?

Available UUNA TEK® iDraw accessories including alternative motherboard, A3 base plate, servo motor, stepper motor, L-shape rulers, magnetic blocks, laser modules.


1.What are the computer requirements?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw necessitates a computer of relatively recent specifications (compatible with Mac, Windows, or Linux) equipped with an accessible USB port and internet connectivity for software download.

  • Mac Requirements: MacOS 10.7 or a more recent version is essential.
  • Windows Requirements: A minimum of Windows 7 or a more recent version is required.
  • Linux Requirements: Recent iterations of Ubuntu and similar widely-supported distributions are recommended for optimal performance. If you happen to be using a more obscure or "challenging" distribution, rest assured that our team is committed to providing assistance to the best of our abilities.

2.Is any assembly required?

Yes, but most of them are half-assembled, only simple steps to complete the installment, even for beginners. If you get a head start by reading the user guide and installing the software, you can be up and plotting five minutes after opening the box.

3.Is internet access required?

Internet access is required only for downloading software and for access to online documentation.

Internet access is not required while preparing files or using UUNA TEK® iDraw.

4.What type of power supply is included?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw comes equipped with a versatile plug-in power supply that accepts a universal input ranging from 100 V to 240 V worldwide. It also includes various plug versions such as US/UK/AU/EU plugs, catering to the specific requirements of different countries.

5.Is programming necessary for using the UUNA TEK® iDraw?

No, programming is not required. The majority of users simply create a file or drawing and proceed with plotting. However, for those who are interested, programming interfaces are available as an optional feature.

6.What software do you need?

You do not need to purchase any additional software to use UUNA TEK® iDraw.

UUNA TEK® iDraw is typically controlled through a set of extensions to Inkscape, the excellent, popular, and free vector graphics program. Basic operation is similar to that of a printer driver: you import or create a drawing in Inkscape and use the extensions to plot your text or artwork. The process is managed through a user-friendly graphical interface and operates seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and Linux.


1.Can I download the manual?

Yes, you can download the software with the user manual here>>>

2.How long does plotting take?

The plotting time for UUNA TEK® iDraw is not fixed, unlike a (raster-based) inkjet or laser printer. It is contingent on the distance the pen needs to travel. UUNA TEK® iDraw typically moves at a pace comparable to a human hand, depending on your settings, resulting in variable plotting times.

Comparing this to the question of how long a human takes to write or draw on a piece of paper is apt. For instance, addressing an envelope might generally take a minute or two, while creating intricate artwork could extend to a matter of hours. The same variability applies to UUNA TEK® iDraw. Notably, our speed ranks highest in the market compared to any other competitors.

3.Is the speed of UUNA TEK® iDraw adjustable?

Yes, the speed of UUNA TEK® iDraw is adjustable to cater to your specific preferences, offering a tradeoff between faster completion and higher precision. UUNA TEK® iDraw is capable of swift movements, surpassing the normal speed of a human, especially when executing broad strokes with a wide-tipped marker. However, for enhanced precision and neatness, similar to how a human calligrapher would adjust, UUNA TEK® iDraw allows you to moderate the speed. For reference, the wedding invitation text featured in our video provides a good indication of the typical writing speed when prioritizing higher neatness, slightly slower than regular human handwriting.

4.Can I input my signature?

Certainly! The most effective method is to directly capture your signature as you sign it, such as on a phone or tablet screen. This allows UUNA TEK® iDraw to reproduce your signature exactly as you wrote it during the capture.

5.Can it replicate my handwriting?

Yes, but it involves an additional step of creating a custom font. Our UUNA TEK® iDraw is compatible with Hershey fonts and the Defects extension, which can introduce handwriting-like "defects" to your text. This ensures that text arranged in perfectly even rows, as seen with a handwriting font in MS Word, doesn't appear overly "robotic" and retains a more authentic handwriting feel.

6.Can you replicate handwriting from scans?

No, not in the way you might expect.

Certainly, you can scan handwritten text, use a bitmap tracing tool to trace it, and then plot it. UUNA TEK® iDraw will faithfully plot the paths you provide.

However, it's important to note that, with only rare exceptions, automatic tracing of scanned handwriting tends to produce a somewhat unnatural imitation of handwriting. We generally advise against incorporating this method into any workflow due to the potential drawbacks in replicating authentic handwriting.

7.Is a paper feeder available?

Yes, check the new released auto feeding pen plotter here>>>


1.What else is UUNA TEK® iDraw used for?

  • Digital Artists: Employing UUNA TEK® iDraw for plotting their digital artwork.
  • Celebrities, Politicians, and Elected Officials: Using UUNA TEK® iDraw as a signature machine.
  • University Officials and Educators: Signing diplomas and certificates, and introducing students to digital design and fabrication.
  • Real Estate and Insurance Agents: Employing UUNA TEK® iDraw for creating "handwritten" envelopes.
  • Online Retailers: Including personalized thank-you notes with orders.
  • Hotels: Leaving personalized welcome notes for guests.
  • Makerspaces and Hackerspaces: Providing a versatile and cost-effective fabrication tool.
  • Tinkerers: Expanding UUNA TEK® iDraw's capabilities beyond writing implements for tasks like etching, laser work, light painting with LEDs, and more.
  • Pen and Ink Manufacturers: Using UUNA TEK® iDraw to test pens and inks.
  • lSmartphone and Tablet Hardware Makers: Employing a stylus to test hardware.
  • Mobile Device Software Authors: Utilizing a stylus to test software.
  • Individuals without Full Hand Use: Enabling them to send "handwritten" letters.
  • Crafters: Marking out work on wood, leather, or fabric.
  • Research Scientists: Using UUNA TEK® iDraw as a low-cost XY motion platform.
  • Engineers: Labeling material samples with pens.
  • Galleries: Numbering limited-edition artwork.
  • Calligraphers: Finding relief for certain types of busywork with UUNA TEK® iDraw's capabilities.

In addition to its common applications, UUNA TEK® iDraw, with its capacity to replace the pen holder with a laser module, opens up diverse possibilities, including:

  • Laser Engraving: Offering a versatile platform for laser engraving on various materials such as wood, leather, and acrylic.
  • Custom Artistic Designs: Enabling the creation of intricate and personalized artistic designs through laser engraving.
  • Customization in Craftsmanship: Allowing crafters to engrave detailed patterns on wood, leather, and fabric for unique and customized craftsmanship.
  • Prototyping for Engineers: Providing engineers with a tool for prototyping and marking material samples with precision using laser technology.
  • Artwork Numbering in Galleries: Facilitating the precise numbering of limited-edition artwork using laser engraving.
  • Unique Marking in Manufacturing: Supporting manufacturers by offering a unique method for marking and branding their products with laser-engraved details.
  • Educational Use in Makerspaces: Serving as an educational tool in makerspaces, introducing students to laser engraving technology.
  • Testing Laser Components: Assisting laser and hardware manufacturers in testing and validating laser components with precision.
  • Light Painting with LEDs: Extending creative possibilities by incorporating LEDs for light painting alongside laser engraving. 

2.Can I use it to write on fabric?

Absolutely! UUNA TEK® iDraw can be used to write on fabric. However, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. It's essential to ensure that the fabric is held taut during the process. Additionally, selecting markers that glide smoothly without catching on the fabric is crucial. With careful attention and some experimentation, you should be able to achieve successful results when using UUNA TEK® iDraw to write on fabric.

3.Can UUNA TEK® iDraw be used for calligraphy?

Yes, but calligraphy involves individually sculpted letter shapes and often intricate pen movements, which may exceed the capabilities of UUNA TEK® iDraw, it's worth noting that UUNA TEK® iDraw can still find application in certain calligraphic tasks.

Though UUNA TEK® iDraw may not replicate the nuanced complexities of traditional calligraphy, some calligraphers opt to use it for more straightforward tasks, such as addressing a large number of place cards. This usage not only saves wear on their wrists but also potentially offers cost savings. It's important to recognize that UUNA TEK® iDraw may serve as a practical tool for specific low-end calligraphic work, providing an alternative approach for certain applications within the discipline.

4.Can you use it for cutting?

Yes, the UUNA TEK® iDraw can be utilized for cutting tasks if equipped with the appropriate cutting head. The cutting head is specially designed with a spring mechanism to provide the necessary extra downward force. This feature enhances the UUNA TEK® iDraw's capability to cut materials, expanding its functionality beyond drawing and writing. If you have the cutting head accessory, you can effectively use the UUNA TEK® iDraw for cutting applications.

5.Does it work with international fonts?

UUNA TEK® iDraw can seamlessly work with any fonts available on your computer, including international fonts. However, it's important to note that when plotting text, it is necessary to convert the text to paths before initiating the plotting process. This ensures accurate and precise reproduction of the chosen fonts during the UUNA TEK® iDraw operation.

6.Is there support for mail merge?

Certainly! We offer a specialized software application called UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 Merge, designed explicitly for mail merge functionality within UUNA TEK® iDraw.

Once configured, UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 Merge can automatically:

  • Populate a template with data sourced from a CSV file.
  • Render the text into handwriting-like stroke-based fonts.
  • Introduce intentional variations to prevent the text from aligning perfectly along straight lines.
  • Plot the document.

Moreover, UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 Merge has the capability to merge and plot subsequent pages with a simple button press or after a specified time delay. Importantly, UUNA TEK® iDraw 2.0 Merge is provided to UUNA TEK® iDraw owners at no additional cost, enhancing the functionality of UUNA TEK® iDraw for mail merge applications.

7.Can you mount it to a wall?

While the UUNA TEK® iDraw is designed to function on flat surfaces, and vertical orientation is not officially tested, many UUNA TEK® iDraw users have successfully mounted their devices to walls without encountering significant issues.

One consideration is the UUNA TEK® iDraw's pen holder, which typically relies on gravity to lower the pen onto the writing surface. When mounted on a wall, an alternative method, such as a rubber band, is needed to facilitate the lowering of the pen. While not the conventional use, wall mounting has been achieved by resourceful UUNA TEK® iDraw users, providing flexibility in the device's placement.


1.What kinds of support are available?
Email: support@idrawpenplotter.com, uunatek@gmail.com
Online Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/idrawpenplotter
Online meeting with our engineer via Zoom or Teamviewer app

2.How long can the UUNA TEK® iDraw run for?
The UUNA TEK® iDraw does not have a duty cycle limit. It can operate continuously, allowing you to run it for extended periods without any imposed time restrictions. Whether you need it for a short task or an all-day operation, the UUNA TEK® iDraw is designed to accommodate prolonged usage without limitations.

3.What parts can wear out?
The UUNA TEK® iDraw is engineered for longevity and serviceability. While wear is minimal, in the unlikely event of replacement needs, components such as the drive belt, rolling wheels, ball bearings, and stepper motors can all be replaced. Moreover, these replacement parts are readily available for users who may require them, ensuring that the UUNA TEK® iDraw can be maintained for an extended service life.
4.Is Inkscape required?
No, Inkscape is not a strict requirement. Although UUNA TEK® iDraw is commonly controlled through a set of extensions to Inkscape, there are alternative methods of plotting using the command-line interface (CLI), Python, or GRBL command.

Several UUNA TEK® iDraw users choose to perform their design work in different programs and utilize Inkscape primarily as their "page setup" screen for plotting. This flexibility allows users to integrate UUNA TEK® iDraw into various workflows and design processes beyond Inkscape.


1.Where are UUNA TEK® iDraw machines manufactured?

UUNA TEK® iDraw machines are designed, manufactured, and tested right at UUNA TEK’s facility in Shenzhen, China.

2.Can I get a demonstration?

Currently we don’t have offline shop to demonstrate machines, but we can test your file and take a video for you to confirm before placing the order.

3.How does the UUNA TEK® iDraw work, mechanically?

The UUNA TEK® iDraw operates mechanically through the following components:

Precision Stepper Motors: The UUNA TEK® iDraw is equipped with two precision stepper motors located in its base. Working in tandem, they drive a single looped belt, facilitating the movement of the carriage in the XY plane.

High-Performance Linear Stages: The linear stages feature custom-designed wheels that roll smoothly on specially crafted aluminum extrusions. These extrusions are meticulously designed for a balance of high stiffness and light weight.

Pen-Lift Mechanism: The pen-lift stage utilizes a separate mechanism consisting of a smaller third motor. This motor, in conjunction with a precise low-friction linear stage, is responsible for lifting the pen off the page. An additional spring inside the pen holder contributes to providing extra downward force.

This combination of components ensures precise and controlled movement in both the XY plane and pen-lift stages, allowing the UUNA TEK® iDraw to achieve accurate and intricate plotting and drawing.

4.Are other sizes available?

In addition to the popular UUNA TEK® iDraw models listed above we do make a few other standard sizes, as well as custom-sized and custom-configured UUNA TEK® iDraw machines like A0/A1/A2 or bigger than A0 or smaller than A4. Email us to get more information via uunatek@gmail.com.

5.Do you offer robo-writing as a service?

No, we do not provide robo-writing or any printing services. Our focus is on developing and providing the UUNA TEK® iDraw as a versatile pen plotter, and we do not offer external services for robo-writing or printing.

6.My question isn't on this list!

Please contact us and ask, we're here to help: https://uunatek.com/pages/contact