Collection: 2.0 Pen Plotters

Introducing the UUNA TEK 2.0 Pen Plotters – a groundbreaking evolution that transcends its predecessor, setting new standards in precision, speed, and stability. This innovative series comprises the 2.0 A3 Pen Plotter and the 2.0 A4 Pen Plotter, both emblematic of cutting-edge technology and design.

The 2.0 version marks a significant upgrade from the 1.0, featuring a structural transformation from XY-style to the more advanced T-style. What sets the UUNA TEK 2.0 Pen Plotters apart is the incorporation of an aluminum base plate, adding a layer of stability that revolutionizes the plotting experience. This enhancement not only doubles the plotting speed but also ensures unwavering precision and stability, even at high velocities.

The unique design of the aluminum base plate addresses the challenges of T-style pen plotters when extending the X-axis, mitigating potential drawbacks. This improvement is particularly advantageous for architecture professionals, providing enhanced measurement capabilities for tasks such as drawing floor plans. The UUNA TEK 2.0 Pen Plotters are not just tools; they are a testament to innovation, delivering a seamless blend of speed, stability, and precision to elevate your plotting experience to unprecedented heights. Welcome to the future of pen plotting excellence with UUNA TEK 2.0.