Return and Refund Policy



Please note that we can only provide FREE RETURN AND FULL REFUND POLICY if it's caused by quality issue or the damage caused by the carrier. Therefore if you suspected the quality issue, please email with a short video to show all connections and software settings to confirm first within 30 days. Generally speaking, cause we tested all our products, it's rare to be confirmed by quality issue. And most of time, we would like to provide free replacement and help you to solve the issue first. 

2. What If I Just Changed My Mind?

For other situations like you changed your mind, or you don't like the color, or you don't know how to use the software or assemble the product, we're highly sorry that we can't provide free return, but you can return to our local address on your own. Under this situation, please email to get the return address and provide the return tracking number, we will provide partial refund based on the item situation. If the package is intact, you can get 100% refund. If it's necessary to repack to resell, we will charge up to 10% payment. If it's damaged and can't be resold, we may charge up to 90%. Therefore, please make sure you have read all our policies before placing the order, and don't return it with any thinking. After confirmed, we will fulfill the refund within 48 hours, which may take 5-10 business days to your original payment account.

3. Do You Provide Free Replacement? How About the Warranty?

Generally speaking, we provide 1-year warranty, you can get FREE replacement for all parts including stepper motors, servo motors, sliders, plates and more. Just email to get the free replacement anytime. 

4. Where Should I Return The Product?

Generally speaking, we will provide a local address for you to return. Sometimes, you may need to return to the Chinese manufacturer, it depends on how bad the situation is. 

5. Can I Return Without Any Notification?

Sorry that we can't accept all those returns without any notification, our local people may lost the package because of no record. Please definitely email before send it back.


Generaly speaking, after you returned the item, we will take around 2 business days after confirmed the situation of the returned item to provide refund to your paypal or bank account.