[iAuto Tutorials]How to Install the software for UUNA TEK® iAuto Pen Plotter

[iAuto Tutorials]How to Install the software for UUNA TEK® iAuto Pen Plotter

Don't know how to download and install the iAuto auto feeding pen plotter handwriting machine. Check this article, you can find the step-by-step guide with 2 parts: download software and installation. Comment below if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Part 1 - Download software

First download the software from the download page.
After downloading, unzip to get the iAtuo folder:

1) This software only supports win7/win8/win11 64bit systems and does not support 32-bit systems.
2) Please turn off the anti-virus software before decompressing to prevent opening errors caused by mistakenly deleting files(If there is any deletion by mistake, please add it to the whitelist to avoid being deleted again).

Part 2 - Start installation

First connect the machine to the computer via USB cable, then open the folder and double-click CH340Driver.exe to install the driver (keep clicking Next until the installation is completed):

After the driver installation is completed, double-click the icon below to start the software:

Select Search local machine to find the machine and connect automatically. If the machine cannot be found, try plugging and unplugging the USB cable again.

On how to register and connect your machine, check out this article:
You can also find the login entrance (or registration entrance) here:

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