UUNA TEK® Introduces iAuto Auto Feeding Automatic Writing Machine Pen Plotter for Bulk Writing

UUNA TEK® Introduces iAuto Auto Feeding Automatic Writing Machine Pen Plotter for Bulk Writing

Hong Kong, January 5th, 2024 – UUNA TEK®, a distinguished innovator in the electronics industry, proudly announces the launch of the iAuto Auto Feeding Pen Plotter Handwriting Machine on December 29th, 2023. This unveiling marks a substantial advancement for professionals and creatives handling extensive writing and drawing tasks. Check all newest pen plotter products from UUNA TEK here>>>

The iAuto automatic writing machine allows the capability to effortlessly manage up to 80 papers simultaneously, supporting SVG format and enabling free pre-made font uploads. This feature-rich machine facilitates unparalleled creativity, offering exclusive software, universal paper size compatibility, industrial-grade power, an automatic detection infrared device, wireless connectivity, and versatile pen support.

Expressing enthusiasm for this groundbreaking product, UUNA TEK® CEO Klaus Yang emphasized, "The iAuto automatic handwriting machine signifies a paradigm shift in bulk writing and drawing. Its innovative features not only streamline tasks but also empower users to unleash their creativity. At UUNA TEK®, we take pride in introducing a product that transcends mere functionality, embodying our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the electronics industry."

To enhance the creative experience, UUNA TEK® extends an exclusive offer for orders placed before January 6th. Utilize the code: PSRVIP during checkout to enjoy a substantial $500 discount. Seize this limited-time opportunity and purchase now here.


UUNA TEK® has been a pioneering force in the electronics industry since 2015, recognized as the founder and creator of iDraw pen plotters. With a steadfast commitment to quality and service, UUNA TEK® acknowledges the trust placed in the company by over 20,000 customers over seven years. The company has cultivated significant partnerships with industry leaders such as Elektor in European countries, Thingbits in India, and consultants like Johnson Consult, showcasing collaborative achievements. Additionally, UUNA TEK® has forged alliances with entities like Handwrytten and Pendroid in Japan, and established partnerships with renowned robotic centers at institutions including Nottingham Trent University and Western Sydney University. These collaborations extend into diverse sectors, impacting STEAM educational centers and top generative art communities like Artblocks. UUNA TEK® stands as a distinguished name in technological innovation and collaborative excellence.

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