Converting Text to SVG with Inkscape for iAuto Pen Plotter

[iAuto Tutorial]Converting Text to SVG with Inkscape for iAuto Automatic Writing Machine

For Inkscape users or those utilizing Axidraw/iDraw, managing numerous SVG files with preset fonts is common. In such cases, there's no need to manually design and input fonts for iAuto auto-feeding pen plotters. Instead, you can directly write with the SVG files. However, it's crucial to note that not all SVG files may be compatible with iAuto software. Today, we aim to share the correct method for exporting SVG files from Inkscape and seamlessly writing them with iAuto. 
When using Inkscape to create SVG files with text, you need to use the Hershey Text function to convert the text into SVG files that can be recognized by iAuto Pen Plotter.

Part 1 - Export SVG Files from Inkscape

First enter text in inkscape, select the text, and then open the Hershey Text function:


Secondly, select the font you like and click live view to see the real-time effect. Click apply to convert to SVG text:

At the same time, you can also click preserve original text to retain the original text for easy re-editing:

Finally, delete the unnecessary original text (be careful to delete the original text, otherwise the exported SVG file cannot be used normally), and use the save or save as function to export it as an SVG file:

Part 2 -  Upload to iAuto Software and Write Directly

Then you can open it in the SVG function of iAuo software and write automatically:

If you need to import it into the Table function to automatically adjust its position, you can select the generate into graphics function:

Switch to table function:

Select the graphics function and select the file you just generated:

You can drag the position of the file here for typesetting:


This article provides guidance for Inkscape users and those employing Axidraw/Idraw, who often work with multiple SVG files featuring preset fonts. It highlights the convenience of directly writing with SVG files for iAuto auto-feeding pen plotters, eliminating the need for manual font design. However, it emphasizes the importance of ensuring compatibility with iAuto software when exporting SVG files from Inkscape. The article aims to guide users in the proper process of exporting SVG files from Inkscape and effectively utilizing them with iAuto for pen plotting.


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