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🐾 Write a Love Letter to Your Pet Challenge! 🐾

Calling all pet lovers! This National Pet Day, we're celebrating the unconditional love and joy our furry friends bring into our lives with a special challenge. Get ready to pour your heart out and express your love for your pet in a heartfelt letter!

📝 How to Participate:

1. Grab your favorite pen plotter and prepare to get creative!
2. Write a love letter with your machine to your pet expressing why they mean the world to you. Pour your heart out and let your emotions flow onto the paper.
3. Take a photo with your beloved pet and your letter. Your furry companion must be in the photo for your entry to be valid!
4. Share your photo and letter on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) using the hashtag #LoveLetterToMyPet.
5. Tag us (@idrawpenplotter) in your post so we don't miss your entry!
6. If you don’t have any social media, please email the photo to our email
7. If you don't have any pen plotters/machines, you can handwrite the letter on your own as well.

📅 Campaign Dates: April 1st - April 11th


The most heartfelt and touching entry will win a FREE iDraw 2.0 A3 Pen Plotter with Basement! Plus, all participants will receive an exclusive 50% OFF discount code for this incredible machine.

Let's spread the love and celebrate the special bond between pets and their owners this National Pet Day! Don't miss your chance to win big and immortalize your love for your furry friend with a beautiful handwritten letter.

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