Buying Guide of UUNA TEK Pen Plotters

Buying Guide: Pick Up the Right Version of UUNA TEK® iAuto, iDraw and Laser Heads

Update on April 16th, 2024:

Here are the buying guide for you to purchase right version of UUNA TEK machines and accessories.

Table of Content:

  • First Part: First Part: iDraw VS iAuto, Which One Should I Pick Up?
  • Second Part: How to Pick Up the Right Laser Heads?
  • Third Part: Which iDraw Drawing Machine is Best for You?

First Part: iDraw VS iAuto, Which One Should I Pick Up?

iAuto automatic writing machine is the most advanced writing machine released by UUNA TEK in the end of 2023, the most distiguished feature is the bulk writing capacity, which can be highly much time-saving and money-saving for business, event planners, marketing agencies and non-profit organizations. 

iDraw pen plotters is also the best tool to write for you, which is the best-seller before iAuto is released. The thing is it takes longer time to switch between different papers/envelops/letters/cards than iAuto. However, it's the best option for small businesses, DIYers to make cutomized cards/invitations/letters in some special occassions.

Therefore, here are the suggestions for you to pick up between iAuto and iDraw:

1. if you have long-term requirements to write in bulk, like you're an online shop to provide writing service like Handwrytten, iAuto is the best option for you. If you just need the machine to write for you for some special occasions like the baby shower invitation writing, you can consider the iDraw machines.

2. if you have more than 100 writing tasks daily or 500 weekly, iAuto is the best option for you. Otherwise, you can choose iDraw machines.

3. if your budget is less than 1000 usd, go for any iDraw machines you like, iDraw H A3 size pen plotter is the most welcomed, both quality and performance are the best than other versions. Otherwise, go for iAuto without any doubt.

4. if your main application is for writing, both iDraw and iAuto are available for you. But if it's for drawing like digital arts or generative arts, only iDraw can be available for you. 

Second Part: How to Pick Up the Right Laser Heads?

laser heads

As the creasing demand of laser engraving heads, we updated the buying guide for those different laser power heads at the beginning for your reference.

Choosing the right laser power can not only improve the efficiency and quality of engraving but also ensure operational safety. When purchasing a laser engraving machine, it mainly depends on the material to be engraved, while considering your own needs and budget.

The laser module of a small engraving machine generally has a power range of 0-15W, mainly used for surface engraving and cutting of materials such as paper, thin plastic, thin wood, leather, and metal (with surface coatings). The following materials cannot be engraved: metals (regardless of thickness), stone, ceramics, gemstones, reflective materials, transparent glass, ivory, colorless transparent materials, some white plastics, etc. (generally very smooth plastics are difficult to engrave).

UUNA TEK® Pen Plotter offers the following laser modules: 0.5W, 1.6W, 2.5W, 15W. Materials that can generally be engraved include: light wood, kraft paper, fabric, leather, some plastics, wood, bamboo, opaque acrylic, etc. If for cutting purposes, it is recommended to use 2.5W and 15W lasers for faster speed and better quality, but ensure the safety of use.

For different materials, you can refer to the following table for specifics:

laser heads comparison

 Check all laser engraving related video tutorials below:

Third Part: Which iDraw Drawing Machine is Best for You?

Firstly, you can pick up the version based on the application

What kind of functions you may use it? Here are some suggestions:

For those who are looking for a handwriting machine to imitate your handwriting fonts, UUNA TEK® 2.0 A4/A3 Size and UUNA TEK H A3 Size will be the best choice for you. H is the upgraded version of 2.0, which has more stable structure. 

Many of my business customers like, who is providing postcards writing service, vote for the UUNA TEK® 2.0 A3 and H A3 version with basement.

Here is the review about iDraw H A3 Drawing Machine Pen Plotter:

 Here is the review about iDraw 2.0 Drawing Machine Pen Plotter:

For those who are looking for a simple drawing tool to realize your generative arts with different pens, or imitate some masterpieces downloaded from the internet, just need an affordable alternatives to Axidraw, UUNA TEK® 1.0 A4 or UUNA TEK® 1.0 A3 will be the best choice for you. Our 1.0 version has better performance when drawing at high speed. 

Here is the review about iDraw 1.0 Drawing Machine Pen Plotter:


For those who are looking for the best drawing tools to draw sophisticated digital arts with colorful, the bigger is better. UUNA TEK iDraw A1 Size Drawing Robot Pen Plotter is the most welcomed version, which can layout the big artworks with more details and the advanced drag chain technology and H structure make it uncompromise in the quality and precision when it's running in high speed.

Here is the review about iDraw H A1 Drawing Machine Pen Plotter: 

Secondly, you can pick up the version based on the size you need.

Generally speaking, we provide both the A4 and A3 versions for all versions, if you didn't find it, you can email us at to customize it. 

For the A4 Version, the working area is  210x300mm (8.2*11.8 inch), check UUNA TEK® 1.0 A4 Version here and UUNA TEK® 2.0 A4 Version here.

For the A3 Version, the working area is 420x300mm(16.5*11.8 inch) check UUNA TEK® 1.0 A3 Version here and UUNA TEK® 2.0 A3 Version here.

For the A2 Version, the working area is 420 x 594mm(16.5 x 23.4 inch), check UUNA TEK H A2 Version here.

For the A1 Version, the working area is 594 x 841mm(23.4 x 33.1 inch), check UUNA TEK H A1 Version here.

For the A0 Version, the working area is 841 x 1189mm(33.1 x 46.8 inch), check UUNA TEK H A0 Version here.

Thirdly, if you're the Axidraw users and looking for some versions better than Axidraw in writing or drawing, you can follow the guide as follow:

Please check this comparison video made by our users between UUNA TEK® 2.0 and Axidraw SE in which you will find that UUNA TEK® 2.0 is 200% faster than Axidraw SE. 

In a word, if you need a cheaper alternative to Axidraw, you can pick up the UUNA TEK® 1.0 directly, which is only half less price of Axidraw. If you're looking for something better and faster than Axidraw to replace your current work, feel free to pick up any UUNA TEK® 2.0 and UUNA TEK® H Version machines.

Check this UUNA TEK® H Version demo video, no speed up, raw video:

Fourthly, With or Without a Basement, What's the Difference?

The basement provides a more stable base when the machine is running at high speed. And the magnetic blocks can hold your paper easily. Generally speaking, you can buy the version with the basement. However, the version without a basement gives you a big customization space, especially if you have an auto-feeding system. 

a. With Basement - UUNA TEK® H A3 Version


With Basement - UUNA TEK® H A3 Version


b. Without Basement - UUNA TEK® H A3 Version

UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3 Size Drawing Robot/Drawing Machine/Homework Machine/Calligraphy Plotter/Handwriting Robot/Pen Plotter/Laser Engraver - UUNA TEK


At last, I would like to share the full comparison sheet between those versions as follow:

full comparison sheet between those versions

In a word, UUNA TEK® H version is the most advanced version, UUNA TEK® 2.0 and H versions have better performance in writing, UUNA TEK® 2.0 is 200% faster than Axidraw and UUNA TEK® H is 300% faster than Axidraw at half or less price. UUNA TEK®1.0 is comparable with Axidraw and it performs better in drawing at high speed.

If you still didn't find your answer, feel free to email, i will be ready for you around the clock,



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