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UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0 - A3/A4 Size Drawing Robot/Drawing Machine/Homework Machine/Calligraphy Plotter/Handwriting Robot/Pen Plotter/Laser Engraver

UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0 - A3/A4 Size Drawing Robot/Drawing Machine/Homework Machine/Calligraphy Plotter/Handwriting Robot/Pen Plotter/Laser Engraver

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In the world of makers, geeks, students, and teachers, creative potential knows no bounds. UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0 Pen Plotter -A3/A4 Size Drawing Robot/Drawing Machine/Homework Machine/Calligraphy Plotter/Handwriting Robot/Pen Plotter/Laser Engraver emerges as the ultimate tool, an open-source masterpiece that empowers individuals to unleash their imaginations like never before. This multi-functional marvel is more than a drawing machine; it's a canvas for your ideas, a platform for your creativity, and a gateway to endless possibilities.

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  • Effortless Bulk Writing with Email Merge and Hershey Fonts Support

    All UUNA TEK iDraw pen plotter supports Email Merge for bulk writing of letters, envelopes, cards, and invitations. Utilize Hershey Fonts for human-like handwriting.

  • Imitate Handwriting

    UUNA TEK 1.0 can flawlessly replicate handwriting on any flat surface with various fonts. From letters and envelopes to invitations, it adds a personal touch to your creations. With a fountain pen held at a precise 45-degree angle to the paper, it ensures authenticity in every stroke.

  • Stable Intel PIC Motherboard

    The motherboard, developed from Intel PIC, provides stability and high quality. Being open-source, it supports second-development, allowing advanced users to program it with ease using the C coding language. Download the software guide for endless customization.

  • Corexy Movement Algorithm

    Embedded with the Corexy movement algorithm, UUNA TEK offers precise font and image display with a repeatability of 0.1mm, allowing your creations to shine with utmost accuracy.

  • Beginner-Friendly

    Designed with simplicity in mind, UUNA TEK 1.0 can be assembled in just five easy steps, thanks to comprehensive tutorials and guides available online. Its compact size (500X450X100mm) makes it portable and accessible to all.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials

    UUNA TEK 1.0 is crafted with lead-free materials, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility.

  • Versatile Pen Compatibility

    Not limited to just pens, it accommodates pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and any pen size below 15mm, enabling an array of creative expressions.

  • Laser Engraving

    UUNA TEK 1.0 can effortlessly transform into a laser engraver, allowing you to etch your designs onto wood, paper, leather, and more, at different wattage levels. Unleash your creativity beyond writing with the laser head.

  • Compact and Portable

    With a compact package size (100X100X550mm) and weight ranging from 2.3kg to 6kg, it's an ideal companion for those on the move.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Works seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, giving you the flexibility to create on your preferred platform.

  • Endless Possibilities:

    Supports various input formats, including INPUT, DRAW, SVG, JPG, BMP, PNG, and DXF, ensuring you can bring your creations to life from any source.

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  1. Version: UUNA TEK 1.0
  2. Package Size: 100*100*550 mm
  3. Weight: 2.5kg – 4kg
  4. Charger: DC 12V 1A
  5. Communication: USB port,  Offline Mode UnsupportableMode
  6. Writing/Drawing/Laser Engraving
  7. Working Area: A4(210*297 mm), A3(420*297mm)
  8. OS: Windows / Mac/Linux
  10. Repeatibility: 0.1mm
  11. XY Moving Precision: 0.1mm
  12. Motor: 42 Stepper Motor, A4988 Driver
  13. Software: InkscapeV1.0
  14. Motherboard: Drawcore, EBBV2.3 Compatible
  15. Fireware Coding Type: C, EBB Fireware

Packing List

1 X UUNA TEK iDraw 1.0 A3/A4 Pen Plotter

1 X Tool Kits

1 X Quick Start Guide

1 X Thank You Card


Download the inkscape software and extensive files here>>>.

You can find the software for Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as the assmble guide for hardware and the install details about software.

For those who need advanced functions:

1. For those who need the function to save the plot file, please download this version>>>

2. For those who need email merge function,

Windows: please download this version>>>

Mac or Linux, please download this version>>>

3. For those who need laser function, please download this version>>>

4. What if i have some programing basic and want to adjust the original parameters to break the speed limitation? Plesae download this version>>>


For UUNA TEK 1.0 Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

For UUNA TEK 2.0 Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

For UUNA TEK H Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

For Software, please check the video here>>>

For Laser Function, please check the video tutorials here>>>


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan E
Great machine

I’ve used this plotter to automate some of my svg files and speed up my bulk mailing projects. It’s quick and easy to use, can be integrated with Python and has a lot of functionality that can be tweaked with code. It’ll remain a consistent part of my workflow even after I get the iauto!

My first Pen Plotter

I love this machine (A3 Version).
The shipping, assembly and the start up of the plotter went very smooth. The plotter can be controlled via Incscape, a free Software solution similar to AI. The accuracy, writing speed and additional functions are pretty neat.
There are however a few minor points I would love to see improved (or have already been addressed in other iterations of this product):
-depending on the underground, the plotter stands sometimes a little shaky. Next time I would opt for the H-formed variation
-the pen is fastened by a screw. When you have to often change pens for a project it might get a little annoying to screw/unscrew it. I would love to see an alternative option with a spring mechanism as additional variation.
-after a plot has finished, the plotter does not exactly return to its initial position. It’s always returns a few millimeters off (maybe 1-3), requiring a manual re-adjustment. The Plots that are made in one go remain accurate however.

Overall, still a strong 4,5/5. I would recommend this machine to anybody who is looking for an A3 Plotter at this price point.

Stefano Di Dio
Love it

Bought my plotter A4 2.0 a couple of years ago for some personal project, love everything about it (from building to use it). It has some learning curvature at the beginning to master it (especially with the software), but after a few attempts you can start doing amazing things (btw I'm a total beginner and it's the first time I'm interfacing with a plotter or anything similar) :)