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2XServo Motors for UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0

2XServo Motors for UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0

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In the world of creative expression and precision, your tools should match your ambition. That's where the 2XServo Motors for UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0 come into play. These versatile motors are designed to deliver unparalleled precision and endurance, ensuring your projects are executed with the utmost accuracy. Whether you're a maker, artist, or enthusiast, these servo motors will empower your creativity.

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  • Exceptional Endurance:

    These servo motors are engineered to support extensive use, with the capability to write up to 100,000 words or more. They're built to last, offering reliability throughout your creative journey.

  • Compatibility

    Not only are these servo motors suitable for UUNA TEK 1.0 A4 and A3 Versions, but they also work seamlessly with axUUNA TEK motors. This versatility ensures that your creative toolset remains adaptable.

  • Compact Size

    With dimensions of 22x9.27x3.12mm, these motors are designed to be unobtrusive and space-efficient. They won't interfere with your creative workspace.

  • Cable Length

    To accommodate both A3 and A4 versions, we provide extra cables for your convenience. The A3 version comes with a 100cm cable, while the A4 version includes an 80cm cable.

  • Dual Motor Package

    Each order includes two servo motors, ensuring you have a spare on hand. We package them together and offer free shipping, so you're always prepared for your creative endeavors.

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Please note that these servo motors are exclusively designed for UUNA TEK 1.0 and are not suitable for UUNA TEK 2.0/H versions, which require stepper motors. If you're in need of stepper motors for UUNA TEK 2.0/H, please explore our dedicated options.


  • Size:  22.9*27.3*12mm
  • Suitable for UUNA TEK 1.0 A4 and UUNA TEK 1.0 A3 Versions, not suitable for UUNA TEK 2.0/H. Need stepper motors for UUNA TEK 2.0/H? Please check here.
  • For A3 version, we will provide an extral cable - 100cm length
  • For A4 version, we will provide an extra cable - 80cm length
  • 2 servo motors for each order, we will pack them together and ship to you with freeshipping.


Download the inkscape software and extensive files here>>>.

You can find the software for Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as the assmble guide for hardware and the install details about software.

For those who need advanced functions:

1. For those who need the function to save the plot file, please download this version>>>

2. For those who need email merge function,

Windows: please download this version>>>

Mac or Linux, please download this version>>>

3. For those who need laser function, please download this version>>>

4. What if i have some programing basic and want to adjust the original parameters to break the speed limitation? Plesae download this version>>>


For UUNA TEK 1.0 Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

For UUNA TEK 2.0 Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

For UUNA TEK H Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

For Software, please check the video here>>>

For Laser Function, please check the video tutorials here>>>


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