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Top 5 Calligraphy Tools and Best Calligraphy Machines Recommended

Calligraphy is one of the most underrated arts, despite its importance in every field of work.
Nowadays, kids and adults are interested in calligraphy, elegance, and precision. Not having the right tool can be the reason, though you must have an interest first before you seek out the best calligraphy tools.
Mastering calligraphy not only requires skills but also the right tools. In this guide, we’ll find out some of the most important calligraphy tools that you need to make your skills more professional.
From finding the perfect nib to the right paper, you can embark on your art of calligraphy with confidence.

Following are some of the Top 5 Calligraphy Tools

1. Calligraphy Pens
The first essential calligraphy tool must be the calligraphy pens. Calligraphy comprises nuances that need a proper pen to drive different styles and skills. All you have to do when choosing a calligraphy pen is
First, choose a style you want to learn in calligraphy. Then, it is simple: choose a pen that fits best with the style you choose.

So if you have a good calligraphy pen, then you could learn how to craft the best calligraphy style there is.
2. High-quality calligraphy paper

Every normal paper is not a calligraphy paper. You at least need paper that absorbs ink with no texture or disturbance on the surface. Moreover, the paper weight would be at least 100 gsm.
You can buy
●HP premium-choice paper
The best paper for copperplate calligraphy
●HP Premium Choice Paper (Density: 32 lbs/120 g)
Now there are two preferences that you need: A practice paper and a paper for final calligraphy work.
For practice, it is best to use Canon Marker Paper, and for final artwork, you can use the same HP premium-choice paper.
3. Pen holder

There are two types of pen holders for calligraphy.
Straight and oblique.
A straight holder is best for beginners who are new to calligraphy and want to learn its artwork. While oblique holders are recommended for more copperplate and Spencerian scripts,.
Some of the best brands of pen holders are Speedball, Manuscript, and Tachikawa.
4. Nibs


A proper nib is always key for your calligraphy. There are types, sizes, and shapes of nibs available that are pointed, broad-edged, and italic. For beginners, it is recommended to use a zebra G when starting a calligraphy journey. Using nibs will help you find the ones that suit and fit best with your style.
5. Quality Ink’

A quality Ink is another one of the important calligraphy tools that you need the most. In fact, it is hard to find the perfect ink for calligraphy because it can be either too thin or too bold on your paper.
Buying good ink is crucial for your calligraphy. If you are practicing calligraphy, then you need to get the following inks:
●Speedball super black calligraphy ink
●Speedball super black India ink
If you like different colors, then you can go for Winsor and Newton calligraphy ink.

Heads Up! Best Calligraphy Plotter Machines Recommended

Now, for business, calligraphy is something that will consume a lot of time. If you are learning calligraphy and then using it for your benefit, it will take you a lot of time, so why not use something that could craft calligraphy in human form? A machine that can write calligraphy with such precision that it can write exactly like a human does. If that is so, then you need a handwritten machine, and it has to be the iDraw H A3 Calligraphy Plotters from UUNA TEK.
It is one of the best ways to write calligraphy using AI in human handwriting that is crystal clear, and the representation is at its best.

UUNA TEK® iDraw H Version Pen Plotter: A3 Size Handwriting Machine/XY Plotter/Laser Engraver

Another best option for your small business and home usage, iDraw H A3 is surely one of the best automatic writing robots. If you want an automatic writing robot for heavy work loads, then the iDraw H A3 is the one you need. It is one of the fastest plotters as well as having durability that works for a longer period of time, in fact, a lifetime. So it is really a great option for your home usage and business, in particular.

It supports A3 plotting, which is best and what most of the users look for. The best part is that it is the fastest plotter on the market, at 12,000mm per minute. Which makes it a highly rated and recommended option for your business.
What's best
●Durability at its best
●Wow, performance without any error whatsoever.
●I can use 80 papers each time.
●The fastest plotter on the market


If you are interested in calligraphy, you need a lot of tools for it. Beginners are required to learn every tool that is needed for calligraphy. Above are some of the most important calligraphy tools that you need.
However, if you are learning calligraphy from a business perspective, then you shouldn't waste your time on it. Use a handwritten machine like the iDraw H Version Pen Plotter that can write calligraphy like it is human written, so you can use it for your business in sending out thank-you notes, cards, and more.

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