Collection: Large Format Drawing Robots

Introducing the Large Format Drawing Robots series, the preferred choice of generative and digital artists worldwide. Celebrated for its innovative Drag Chain Technology, this large format drawing robot pen plotter delivers seamless drawing experiences even at high speeds, ensuring precision with every stroke. Highly sought after and often exhibited in prestigious art shows like Makoto's Projector-Phenomenon Orchestra in Berlin, Germany in March, the iDraw H series boasts vertical mounting capability and a range of sizes, including A2, A1, and A0, providing ample space for the realization of grand artistic visions. Equipped with powerful stepper motors and offering unparalleled speeds of up to 12,000MM/MIN, the UUNA TEK H Version guarantees robust performance without compromising on precision. Supported by comprehensive software compatibility and boasting mechanical precision of Y:0.01 mm and X:0.01 mm, it's the embodiment of perfection for artists seeking quality and versatility. With user-friendly connectivity options, world-class frame materials, adaptable power, and versatile laser options, the iDraw H series sets the standard for creativity and innovation in the art world.