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Best 3 Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing Letters, Envelops, Invitations

Handwriting adds a human touch to letters, envelopes, invitations, or anything you write. It conveys emotions and messages better than computerized typing. Despite this fact, many organizations, businesses, and public figures go with typed documents because bulk writing is extremely laborious. But not anymore—Autopen machines can help them write bulk documents in human handwriting. An autopen machine automates writing personalized documents in human handwriting. But which machine should you choose? There are dozens of machines available. In this article, we will review the best 3 Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing. We will discuss their features, pros & cons, and everything else you need to know to select the right machine according to your needs.

What is Autopen?

An autopen is a machine replicating human handwriting on a piece of paper or cardstock. It holds a pen, pencil, or marker we normally use and writes in multiple handwriting fonts. The paper is fed to the machine just like a printer or manually, and the machine automatically writes anything provided by the software.

That said, you can write bulk letters, envelopes, cards, etc. From simple text to signatures to drawings, it can do anything. You can give a human touch without wasting time and produce bulk handwritten content for customers, clients, and fans.

Best 3 Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing Letters, Envelops, Invitations

We have handpicked some of the best autopen machines for writing bulk letters, envelopes, and invitations. These are excellent for various applications, including customer letters, celebrity signatures, official documents, etc.

  1. iAuto Handwriting Machine Pen Plotter Autopen for Bulk Writing
iAuto automatic writing machine

iAuto is a compact industrial-level Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing you can use at home or office. With its powerful stepper motors, it can work for longer hours. It could be your efficient assistant for completing handwriting tasks at an incredible speed and accuracy.

It works with user-friendly software that makes bulk writing and drawing easier than ever before. It formats, converts files, and draws everything automatically. It also allows manual edits to adjust everything according to the needs. Most importantly, it offers customizable handwriting fonts. You can feed your own handwriting to give a personal and human touch with a distinctive style.

The autopen machine can work on a wide range of paper sizes, including A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, #10 envelopes, wedding invitations, small cards, etc. It also supports versatile pen sizes up to 7 inches in thickness and 59 inches in height. You can use markers, rollerball pens, technical pens, automatic pencils, chalk, and brushes. It can be used for almost any application.

iAuto supports auto-feeding up to 80 papers each time. Just feed the pages or cards, and it will automatically write with perfection. It is built to offer superior performance as it has an industrial-level body and motherboard. It requires minimal maintenance and offers a longer lifespan.

  1. Signature Machine by the Autopen Company
Signature Machine by the Autopen Company

The Signature Autopen machine is suitable for small papers as its area is only 3 x 6 inches. You can write bulk envelopes, letters, business cards, etc. Its compact size and minimal weight of 16 lbs make it portable. The signature or note can be stored on the SD card for ease of use.

It can work with any pen, whether it be standard or oversized. You can use ballpoint pens, markers, crayons, fountain pens, etc. You can control the speed and pressure of the pen for the best results.

It offers an auto-rewriter option for bulk writing. However, you have to feed paper manually, which is a bit laborious. Other than that, it is easy to use and can do signature and small note writing with perfection.

  1. MAXWriter
MAXwriter autopen machine

MAXWriter is an autopen machine for writing and signatures. It is a small machine of 20 x 20 inches and weighs only 45 pounds. It can process bulk documents automatically and ensures the right position and precision.

With this machine, you can write envelopes, notes, letters, etc. It has an automatic feeding system that takes a new paper on its own. It supports ballpoints, fountain pens, markers, pencils, crayons, and other pen types. 

It has Windows-compatible software where you can feed your writing style. You can also do edits, corrections, and formatting before processing the documents. You can choose the desired font and handwriting style.

5 Different Aspects to Comparison for Top 3 Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing

Company Background

iAuto is an incredible invention of UUNA TEK, which has disrupted the autopen market with its innovative product range of pen plotters. It has been in the business since 2015 and has offered futuristic products that have excellent built-quality, technology, and features. The constant innovations in the area of pen plotters have helped the company to make reliable, fast, and industrial-grade autopen machines according to the needs of the hour and users. 

Signature Machine is made by the Autopen Company, a division of DAMILIC Corporation. The company purchased Signature Systems in 2000 and made it better by introducing a Windows-based system. Since then, it has made a lot of changes in the design and software to make it a better autopen machine for the market.

MAXWriter belongs to Automated Signature Technology. Robert M. De Shazo developed an autopen with his colleagues in 1942 and later formed a company called the International Autopen Company. After his death, his children formed a new company, Automated Signature Technology, in 1998. The family has 150 years of experience in the field, which has contributed to the improvement of the product.


In terms of technology, iAuto is at the top of the list. The reason is its industrial grade built-quality, innovative software, and high-end motherboard. Its latest software outranks all competitors and allows users to customize their handwriting and write anything they want with the utmost precision and quality. It is a versatile autopen machine for a wide range of paper sizes and applications.

Then, we have the Autopen Company, which also has a Windows-based system. It takes signatures and notes on an SD card. It is a portable machine, but it can’t be used at the industrial level. Lastly, MAXWriter has a long history. It is an incredible product in the autopen industry. Both these products need a lot of improvements to address the needs of the current users.

Writing Capacity and Speed

iAuto Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing has an incredible writing capacity and speed. It has an automated paper-feeding system that takes up to 80 papers per time. Once you feed the papers, it does everything on its own. It is extremely fast as it does not involve manual paper loading or any other human assistant during the process. Secondly, its pens move horizontally, which makes it incredibly fast compared to other autopen machines.

The second option in terms of speed and writing capacity is MAXWriter. It also has an automatic feeder, but it is a bit slow compared to iAuto because of the back-and-forth motion of the pen.

The Autopen Company’s machine, Atlantic, requires manual feeding of the paper, which is extremely time-consuming. It is not a suitable option for massive writing applications.


iAuto is an industrial-grade pen plotter and has a reasonable price of $3,999. And its software, technology, and features are worth every penny.

The price of MAXWriter Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing and the Signature Machines Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing is not available directly on the websites. You have to contact the company and get a quote, which varies on various factors.


iAuto requires only two weeks of delivery. Their products are mass-produced with a fixed price tag, which is why they are available on a quick note. 

On the other hand, the other two machines require at least two months. First, you need to contact them, and they will quote you the price according to the model and features you need. Then, they need time to get the autopen machine ready and delivered; it’s time-consuming.


After thorough evaluation of the top autopen machines available in the market, iAuto Autopen Machines for Bulk Writing emerges as the clear frontrunner for bulk writing tasks. Its industrial-grade quality, innovative technology, and customizable features set it apart from its competitors. With an impressive writing capacity, precise automation, and reasonable pricing, iAuto offers unmatched efficiency and versatility for businesses, organizations, and public figures seeking to streamline their bulk writing processes.

Considering its quick delivery time and exceptional performance, iAuto stands as the highly recommended choice for anyone looking to add a personalized human touch to their documents without compromising on efficiency. With iAuto, the era of laborious bulk writing is effectively revolutionized, making it an invaluable investment for those prioritizing both quality and productivity in their operations.

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