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Motherboard for UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0/2.0/H

Motherboard for UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0/2.0/H

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In the realm of creativity and innovation, precision and reliability are paramount. The heartbeat of your UUNA TEK® 1.0, 2.0, or H Version Handwriting Machine and Pen Plotter lies in its motherboard, where the magic begins. We're proud to introduce an evolutionary leap in motherboard technology - Motherboard for UUNA TEK® iDraw 1.0/2.0/H, designed to elevate your creative experience to new heights.

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  • Driver Flexibility

    The older motherboard allowed driver replacement, enabling users to interchange the HR4988 driver module and explore other models like the TMC22xx. The new motherboard streamlines this process by integrating the HR4988 driver and introduces a 4-layer PCB design for enhanced heat dissipation and overall stability.

  • Seamless USB Integration

    The older motherboard relied on the CH340 USB driver chip, necessitating driver installations on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. With the new motherboard, we've ushered in a groundbreaking change by replacing the CH340 with the CH9340 USB driver chip. This means that for Windows 10 and above, macOS, and Linux users, drivers are no longer a requirement—plug and play is all you need.

  • Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity

    Say goodbye to the old days of separate Bluetooth modules. The new motherboard comes integrated with a Bluetooth chip, making wireless connections more convenient than ever.

  • Surge Protection

    To shield your motherboard from power surges, the new design incorporates TVS diodes, safeguarding the integrity of the chips and ensuring the longevity of your creative tool.

  • Enhanced Power Stability

    As part of the upgrades, the new motherboard features a 680uF capacitor. This addition optimizes power wave performance, resulting in a more stable operation for your UUNA TEK machine.

  • Superior PCB Design

    The old motherboard featured a 2-layer PCB, while the new motherboard showcases a 4-layer PCB, offering superior heat dissipation. This innovation ensures that your motherboard remains cool and reliable, even during extended creative sessions.

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Download the inkscape software and extensive files here>>>.

You can find the software for Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as the assmble guide for hardware and the install details about software.

For those who need advanced functions:

1. For those who need the function to save the plot file, please download this version>>>

2. For those who need email merge function,

Windows: please download this version>>>

Mac or Linux, please download this version>>>

3. For those who need laser function, please download this version>>>

4. What if i have some programing basic and want to adjust the original parameters to break the speed limitation? Plesae download this version>>>


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For UUNA TEK H Pen Plotter, please check the video tutorials here>>>

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