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Accessory Kits for iAuto Automatic Writing Machine Pen Plotter Autopen

Accessory Kits for iAuto Automatic Writing Machine Pen Plotter Autopen

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Here are the full accessory kit list for iAuto Automatic Writing Machine Pen Plotter Autopen:

  1. 3X Pickup Rollers
  2. 1X Motherboard
  3. 2X Drivers
  4. 1X Limit Switch
  5. 1X 57 Stepper Motor
  6. 1X Flat Cable
  7. 1X Sensor
  8. 1X Wiring Module
  9. 3X Feeder Springs
  10. 2X XY Conversion Driver

Some FAQ about accessories for iAuto machine:

1. What's the difference between the iAuto standard and advanced versions? Is it only for spare parts?

Yes, the difference lies solely in the spare parts. If you've purchased the accessory kits mentioned, with your standard version, you have the advanced version.

2. Why should I purchase the accessory kits? Does that imply your quality is poor?

Absolutely not! We provide accessory kits for our customers because many of our iAuto users are businesses where time is of the essence. Certain parts like feeder springs or pick rollers might be consumables and need replacement over time. While we offer a 1-year warranty for all machines and parts, it can take 10-15 days to ship the parts. This could be problematic, especially if you're running a time-sensitive card writing business. Therefore, keeping spare parts in stock is the best option at present.

3. I need some accessories which is not included in the kit, what can i do?

You can email to get support! Thanks

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