Top 5 Best 2D Plotters of 2024

Top 5 Best 2D Plotters of 2024

Technology has set its mark in the graphic design and illustration world. The latest example of this technological evolution is the invention of 2D plotters. These tools make the work of artists and designers way easier, allowing them to experiment with intricate designs with accuracy and efficiency. Let's discuss them in detail and list the best 2D plotters you can try for your art and design projects!

What are 2D Plotters?

2D plotters, or pen plotters, are computer-controlled devices that use code-based communications to draw or print vector graphics on paper. They use one or a set of pens, and the plotter mechanism moves these pens along the X and Y axes to create accurate shapes and curves.
The best part of using pen plotters is they can work with any media format like paper, vellum film, and even fabrics. In addition, you can employ them to create drawings and graphics on a large scale. Usually, 2D plotters are used by engineers, architects, artists, and graphic designers to complete their projects with precision and efficiency.

How to Choose the Right 2D Plotters?

Choosing the best 2D plotters isn't an easy task, and you've to consider various factors such as:
Size: The first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the 2D plotters you need. If you are going to work with smaller printing and drawing projects, then a smaller-size plotter is viable. However, large 2D plotters like the UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3 are an incredible choice for bulk printing.
Speed: To execute your art projects quickly and efficiently, especially if you are a professional artist or designer, you should invest in a 2D plotter with high speed. The UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3 is a prime example in this regard, offering you 300% more speed than the products in this category.
Cutting and Engraving: Laser cutting and engraving are important factors to look at in your 2D plotter if you are working with materials like leather, plastic, and paper. Some of the best 2D plotters, like the UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3, have these capabilities, and investing in them allows you to experiment and move your creations to various materials or objects.
Connectivity: Don't overlook the connectivity features! Make sure the 2D plotters you choose can easily connect via USB or Bluetooth and are compatible with different operating systems.

Top 5 Best 2D Plotters 2024

The 2D plotters market is booming, and finding the top option for your needs can be challenging. But worry no more! Here are the 5 best 2D plotters you can trust:

UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3

UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3
The first option on our list of best 2D plotters is the UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3, which outbeats almost all products in this category. This pen plotter is made from durable aluminum and steel and boasts a writing speed of up to 12,000MM/MIN.
It has Email Merge and Hershey Fonts support, which allows you to execute your bulk writing tasks with ease and in a pure human-like writing style. What truly sets this XY plotter miles ahead of the competition is its cutting-edge Drawcore V2.0 motherboard and GRBL Compatibility firmware that power this fantastic plotter.
The minimum resolution of 0.01mm along the X and Y axis ensures your crafts don't miss out on the finest details, adding to the beauty of the overall design. Moreover, the UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3 has various connectivity options like USB and Bluetooth, and it supports all main operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
Key Features
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Powered by Drawcore V2.0 motherboard and GRBL Compatibility firmware
  • Input Formats: Support for JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and SVG formats
  • Speed Redefined: Up to 12,000MM/MIN writing speed for unmatched efficiency
  • Compatibility: Works smoothly with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Engraving and Laser Cutting: Laser heads ranging from 500mW to 15W for engraving on diverse materials
  • Working Area: Spacious plotting area of 420x297mm for ample creative freedom

Makelangelo 5

The next one on our list is the Makelangelo 5, distributed by Marginally Clever. This pen plotter is slightly different from the other options on the list and is actually a drawing robot. It is large and can easily be attached to surfaces such as walls, windows, easels, or whiteboards.
Typically, its working is based on polygraph style, and the whole process involves two motors pulling special belts attached to the pen holder while a third motor lifts the pen off the paper. The result is a precise and controlled drawing. It features USB or PC connectivity and supports formats like DXF, SVG, BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG.
Key Features
  • Attachment Options: Mountable on walls, windows, easels, or whiteboards
  • Real-time Feedback: Can run connected to your PC for immediate response, ideal for learning
  • A2 Paper Size: Compatible only with A2 paper size for drawing purposes
  • Working Area: Working space of 594 x 841 mm, ideal for large projects

AxiDraw V3

AxiDraw V3 is one of the best 2D plotters. It's an extended edition of the AxiDraw V3 and only works with a 17-inch (tabloid or ledger). It can easily accommodate various paper sizes like A3 and the US A4, allowing you to create different creative projects like letters, envelopes, and cards.
Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, the AxiDraw V3 easily integrates into your existing art set-up. The best part about this pen plotter is its impressive speed, which is 38cm per second.
Key Features
  • Operating System compatibility: Works seamlessly with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Maximum Speed: Achieves a maximum speed of 38cm per second for efficient performance
  • File Formats: Exclusive compatibility with SVG files
  • Working Area: Workspace measures 300 x 218 mm, suitable for small art or educational projects

Sovol SO-2

The Sovol SO-2 is among the highly versatile 2D plotters offering you a 4-in-1 functionality of laser engraving & cutting, as well as writing & drawing functions, all in one device. It has a 5W output laser head which allows you to engrave your art in any material like wood, paper, leather, stainless steel, and ceramics.
The laser module comes with a fixed posture, so you won't have to spend much time making adjustments. Featuring various compatibility options, it offers Inkscape and UGS for writing and drawing on Windows, while LaserGRBL is recommended for laser engraving.
Key Features
  • Recommended Software: Inkscape and UGS for writing and drawing on Windows. LaserGRBL for laser engraving on Windows, while Lightburn recommended it for Mac users
  • Laser Engraving: Engrave and cut with a 5W laser head on various materials, including wood, paper, leather, stainless steel, ceramics, and acrylic up to 2mm thick
  • File Formats: JPG, BMP, SVG, PNG, G-code
  • Working Area: 280x210mm workspace for more creative possibilities

LY Drawbot

Here comes the last option on our list - LY Drawbot. If you want something small and affordable for your writing and drawing projects, the LY Drawbot is the perfect choice. It can easily work with A4 size papers, providing maximum room for creativity. The LY Drawbot operates based on G-Code and is controlled via UGS, making it compatible with Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems.
Key Features
  • G-Code-based Control: Compatible with UGS software on Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • File Formats: Works with JPG, SVG, and G-Code formats for flexibility in design creation
  • DIY Kit: Comes unassembled, allowing for customization during setup
  • Working Area: Functions in a small area of 210 x 297mm and is useful for creating letters, envelopes, and other school projects


Various 2D plotter options are available on the market, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Some top options we recommend are UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3, AxiDraw V3, and LY Drawbot. However, the top choice is the UUNA TEK® iDraw H - A3, which is suitable for both large and small creative projects and is a perfect blend of affordability and functionality.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today at UUNA TEK to explore our range of 2D plotters and get the best one for your needs!

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