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Top 10 Best Pen Plotter for Bulk Writing 2024

Pen plotter machines have a fascinating backstory that spans over a century, tracing their roots to simple analog measuring devices like early seismographs. Since those early days, they've evolved into impressive computer-assisted XY plotters. Now, pen plotters are like superheroes for businesses dealing with large-format prints. They give you better resolution and let you print bigger sizes than your typical printers.

Perfect for architetural plans, flashy retail displays, eye-catching posters, banners, etc. With the plotter market bursting with options, figuring out which one suits you can be a puzzle. Don’t worry! In this guide, we've got your back, explaining the perfect and cheapest pen plotter for your needs.

Ready to dive in and find the best pen plotter for bulk writing?


What is a Pen Plotter?

Pen plotters are drawing machines that use colorful pens to make high-quality designs. They work like a robot arm with a pen at the end, drawing lines on paper, plastic, vinyl, and other materials. Pen plotter machines, often used for pen plotter art, are versatile tools with precise capabilities for creating detailed, high-quality designs with better resolution and speed on different materials. Pen plotters, also called large-format printers, can do a lot of things:

  • They draw lines smoothly from one point to another.
  • These machines print clear images, text, and high-resolution lines.
  • Pen plotters create full-sized engineering drawings.
  • They work on various materials like paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastic, plywood, and aluminum.
  • You can repeat the same design many times without losing quality.

How To Choose The Right Pen Plotters For Bulk Writing

Choosing the right pen plotter for bulk writing involves considering a few key factors:

  • Size- The size of the plotter matters, impacting both your creative output and the cost. For bulk writing, assess if an A4 size is sufficient for smaller prints like greeting cards or handwritten letters.
  • Paper Size and Type- Check if the plotter can handle the specific paper types you plan to use for your bulk writing.
  • Speed and Productivity- Consider the plotter's speed and ability to efficiently handle a large output volume.
  • Pen Selection- Opt for pens with hard tips that last longer and move evenly. Some, like Stabilos, wear down faster depending on the surface.
  • Brand Compatibility- Ensure your chosen brand is compatible with your plotter pen and other accessories.
  • Accessories- Check if you can easily find accessories like pens, chemicals, material racks, and cutter blades for your chosen plotter.
  • Ink Characteristics- Consider ink viscosity and drying time. Slow-drying ink may bleed through certain types of paper.
  • Plotter Pens- Explore different sizes and shapes of plotter pens filled with various colored inks. Using multiple pens allows for designs with many colors in bulk writing projects.

Top 10 Best Pen Plotters For Bulk Writing 2024

Looking for the best pen plotter for bulk writing to bring your creative projects to life? Look no further! Whether you're an artist or designer, these reliable tools promise to elevate your creative projects with sleek designs and advanced features.

Find the perfect fit for your needs and effortlessly bring your ideas to life.

1. iAuto pen plotter - the ultimate versatile pen support

2. Signature Machine - the ideal machine for signature

3. LY Drawbot - your go-to DIY kit for creativity

4. AxiDraw V3 - the champion for drawing & writing endeavors

5. iDraw H A3 - the speedster of handwriting machines

6. Sovol SO-2 - the perfect match for compatibility in pen plotters

7. Line-us - the epitome of portability in pen plotters

8. Flatbed Plotter - the precision maestro for material cutting

9. Drum Plotter - the titan for handling large paper sizes

10. MAXWriter - the perfect machine for writing tasks

1. iAuto Pen Plotter

iAuto offers versatile pen support. It allows the use of various pens and similar instruments within specified guidelines. The device can accommodate pens up to 7" (18 mm) in diameter and 59" (150 mm) in height. Here are some features of the iAuto pen plotter:

  • Auto-feeds up to 80 papers, streamlining your workflow.
  • Personalize your writing with customizable fonts.
  • Boost efficiency with precise, speedy performance.
  • Enjoy a clutter-free workspace with seamless wireless connectivity.
  • Never worry about starting points - it auto-homes for consistent drawings.
  • Keep your paper secure with the integrated support board.
  • Compatible with all paper sizes and comes with exclusive software.
  • Perfect for repetitive tasks like letters, envelopes, invites, and business cards.

 Versatile iAuto pen plotter


2. Signature Machine

A signature machine, also known as an autopen, is a device that automatically signs a signature. It can produce an individual's handwriting and signature on many documents, such as correspondence, photos, greeting cards, and books. Public figures like politicians and celebrities often use autopens to sign documents and correspondence. Here are some features of signature machines:

  • It checks how your signature changes over time.
  • Recognize the unique ways you make strokes.
  • Puts in protections to stop people from tricking it.
  • Look at how quickly or slowly you sign your name.
  • Compare your signature with the one it already knows.
  • Spot and understand the critical parts of your signature.

 A signature machine


3. LY Drawbot 

The LY Drawbot is a DIY pen plotter kit that is the best budget option. It includes an Arduino Uno, two stepper motors, and a 12V/2A power supply. The LY Drawbot cannot be run directly from Inkscape or other vector editing software. To use it, you must create a G-Code from your artwork and feed it to the LY Drawbot. Here are some features of the LY Drawbot:

  • Structure made of aluminum extrusions, laser-cut acrylic, and 3D printed parts
  • Runs on Arduino Uno with two Pololu A4988-driven stepper motors
  • Measures 490MM * 390MM * 70MM (L * W * H) and engraves A4 paper
  • Compatible with Win XP, Win7, and Win10, utilizing Inkscape and UGS software
  • Features a plug-in for metric or imperial unit system operations

 LY Drawbot pen plotter


4. AxiDraw V3 

The AxiDraw V3 is a pen plotter that can write or draw on almost any flat surface. It is a versatile machine that can be used for various drawing and writing needs, including as a signature machine for checks, diplomas, and headshots. The AxiDraw V3 is the third-generation version of the AxiDraw, redesigned for high performance. It has smooth rolling wheels on custom aluminum extrusions, designed for high stiffness and lightweight. Some of the features of AxiDraw V3 are:

  • Designed for 11×17 inch paper, perfect for students
  • Fully assembled and extendable drawing head for versatility
  • Writes with fountain pens, markers, and more
  • Draws on objects larger than itself
  • Inkscape-compatible with free, open-source driver software

    AxiDraw V3 pen plotter

    5. iDraw H A3 

    Introducing the iDraw H A3, a cutting-edge pen plotter that redefines creative precision and versatility. With its exceptional speed, premium build quality, and adjustable pen angle, this powerhouse elevates artistic possibilities. Experience seamless operation and unleash boundless creative potential as you engrave on various materials, all supported by user-friendly design and powerful performance. Here are some of its features:

    • Fastest handwriting machine globally, outpacing Axidraw by 300%.
    • Premium build quality ensures durability and reliability.
    • Versatile functionality covers writing, drawing, and laser engraving.
    • Available in A3 size with or without a base plate.
    • Adjustable pen angle for precise results.
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
    • Drawcore V2.0 motherboard and GRBL compatibility for seamless operation.

     iDraw H A3 pen plotter


    6. Sovol SO-2 

    The Sovol SO-2 is a 4-in-1 CNC drawing machine that can engrave, cut, write, and draw. It has a 3.5p LCD motherboard and is easy to set up and operate. The SO-2 can be modified to power the laser head with + and -24 volts. However, some recommend ordering it with a 360° Automatic Rotary Roller for cutting and engraving round items. The Sovol SO-2 is a 4-in-1 engraving machine and pen plotter with many features:

    • Equipped with a 32-bit mainboard and Z-height adjustment knob
    • Offers a 210 x 280 mm working area and precise stepper motor
    • Features a standard 40W input and 5W optical power
    • Compatible with writing, drawing, and laser engraving software
    • Includes software Inkscape, UGS, and LaserGRBL

     Sovol SO-2 pen plotter is best for art



    7. Line-us 

    Line-us is a small, portable, internet-connected robot drawing arm that uses a pen on paper to draw a shaky line. It copies users' movements in real time. Line-us is not a plotter or printer but draws in the same order as users. A USB battery or power adapter powers it, and it comes with a plastic carrying case. Users can use the free app to draw, send messages, share sketchbooks, and collect artwork from others. Here are some features of Line-us:

    • Compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Mac, and PC.
    • Draw, message, share, and collect artwork seamlessly.
    • Draw with fingers, stylus, or Wacom tablets.
    • Programmable with Raspberry Pi and Scratch.
    • Copies your movements live onto paper.
    • Control with API, TCP, or Websockets.

    Tip: Set up the Line-us properly by placing the metal base under the paper. Also, use Python to control the plotter over the network.

    Use Line-us pen plotter for bulk writing


    8. Flatbed Plotter

    A flatbed plotter is a cutting machine that prints and cuts various materials. They are named for their function, which involves placing paper on a flat surface and using a beam to move tools over the material. Flatbed plotters differ from traditional printers because they don't use nozzles, ink cartridges, or standard printing heads.  Introducing the features of flatbed plotters:

    • Experience stunning resolutions as high as 72 X 2,400 DPI—far surpassing the capabilities of laser printers or inkjet models.
    • Unlike traditional printers that use dots, flatbed plotters' line printing delivers unparalleled accuracy.
    • Print on various materials, from paper and cardboard to fabrics, plastic, plywood, and aluminum, using vibrant colors for your graphics.

     Flatbed Functional Plotter


    9. Drum Plotter

    A drum plotter is a printer that uses a drum to move paper left and right while one or more pens draw up and down. A drum plotter is a specialized output device that moves a pen on a single-axis track while the paper moves on a cylindrical drum. Here are some features of a drum plotter:

    • Speed through printing with 300 to 2000 lines per minute on drum printers.
    • Enjoy trouble-free operation with the sealed-for-life drum motor design that requires zero maintenance.
    • Print on diverse materials like paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastic, plywood, and aluminum using plotters.
    • Handle large paper sizes and achieve high resolutions effortlessly with plotters.
    • Experience impeccable printing quality with vector images, irrespective of image size.
    • Bring intricate designs and architectural blueprints to life with plotters' precision and finesse in graphics production.

     Drum Plotter ensures the easiest operation


    10. MAXWriter

    The MAXWriter is an autopen machine that can write letters, notes, and address envelopes. It can easily connect to a network or a system and can use a variety of writing instruments, including fountain pens, ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, permanent markers, pencils, and crayons. The MAXWriter can also write with a user's preferred handwriting font and signature. It features include:

    • Works with various writing tools.
    • Accommodates any envelope size.
    • Precise optical scanner for proper signing placement.
    • Offers basic and premium fonts, even custom handwriting fonts.
    • Holds 500 sheets, and continues working even when paper runs out.

    MAXWriter Machine


    The Bottom Line 

    With our help, it's easier to pick the best pen plotter for bulk writing that fits your needs. The advantages of pen plotters are essential for businesses seeking for high-resolution printouts and enthusiasts eager to express their creativity. There are endless options with various colors, handling of larger sizes, and even the opportunity to customize your plotter.

    As you start your trip into the world of pen plotters, remember that UUNA TEK offers top-of-the-line pen plotters, perfect for bulk writing. Head to the website and uncover the latest tech and many options to spark your imagination!

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