How to Draw Digital Art

How to Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter?

Digital art has revolutionized the way we create and express ourselves artistically. With the advent of advanced technology, artists now have access to a wide range of tools and devices. These tools and devices allow them to bring their imagination to life. One such device is the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter. It is a powerful tool that enables artists to create stunning generative art with precision and ease.

Here, we will explore the different aspects of using the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter and how it can enhance your digital art journey.

1. Setting Up the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter

Before diving into the world of digital art with the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter, it is essential to set up the device correctly. Fortunately, the process to set up UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter is quite straightforward.

Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter

You can easily set up your UUNA TEK iDraw pen plotter for smooth and accurate drawing by following these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to unscrew the tightened screws and remove washers from Y-axis.
Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter
  • Then place the washer on x-axis top. There is a plate and you can simply put on its top and place back the screws. Ensure that your washer is facing the drawing area.
  • Now you need to connect the cable. So, plug these cables into motors. All the cables are well-labeled so you can easily set up this part.
Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter
  • Then it’s time to assemble the pend holder area. You can simply connect the pen holder plate with the motor. Here you can choose your angle between 90-degree up 270-degree. You can tilt the pen holder to choose your required angle.
  • Now connect the USB cable with microcontroller, power adapter and all the other parts which are below its base plate.

Completing these steps means getting done with setting up the UUNA TEK iDraw pen plotter.

2. Running the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter

Utilize Inkscape, a free and open-source vector software similar to Illustrator to operate the iDraw pen plotter and create generative art. Inkscape provides you with the ability to send your digital art directly to the plotter for plotting.

Use the plugin available for Inkscape to run the pen plotter.

This plugin not only enables me to send my drawings effortlessly to the plotter but also offers a hatch-fill option for shading in solid areas, which proves particularly useful for decorative text. Furthermore, if needed, there are command-line tools available for running the UUNA TEK iDraw as well.

3. My Workflow

Every artist has their unique workflow when it comes to creating digital art. Experiment and find a workflow that works best for you with the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter.

For example, I usually start by sketching my ideas on paper before transferring them to the digital art. Alternatively, some artists might prefer to directly create their artwork using digital software and then send it to the plotter for printing. Simply, everyone has their own unique approach to complete their generative art work efficiently.

So, you can also explore different techniques and processes to discover your preferred approach as per your artwork requirements.

4. Performance of UNNA TEK iDraw

The performance of the iDraw Pen Plotter is truly exceptional. It provides precise and accurate results, comparable to the work of a skilled artist. It can handle various paper sizes and weights, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. From detailed illustrations to engineering schematics, the iDraw consistently delivers outstanding results.

Nonetheless, the iDraw works quickly and effectively, and is a more affordable option compared to its competitors.

5. Pen Height and the UUNA TEK iDraw

When using the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter, understanding and adjusting the pen height is essential for achieving the desired results in your digital art. The pen height directly influences the thickness and depth of the lines created by the plotter, allowing you to control the level of detail and visual impact of your artwork.

Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter

If you're aiming for bold, expressive lines, opting for a higher pen height is recommended. This will result in thicker lines that can add a sense of depth and visual weight to your artwork. On the other hand, if you prefer a more intricate and delicate style, lowering the pen height will enable you to achieve finer details and create intricately textured designs.

6. My Favorite Pens

My favorite pens are Gelly Roll pens, but they can be frustrating to work with. The ink flow is inconsistent. However, I've discovered that the metallic gold and white Gelly Roll pens in medium thickness work well with the iDraw pen plotter.

Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter

Other go-to pens for consistent ink flow are the Micron and Copic Multiliners. Sakura Micron pens, in particular, offer reliable ink flow and can be used for multiple prints. It is a good idea to grab an assorted pack to try out different line widths and see how they suit your designs. You can also use software like Inkscape or Illustrator to visualize your design with different line widths before deciding which pen to use.

7. What Paper Do I Use?

French Paper Co. is a go-to choice for many in terms of paper. They offer excellent options for buying paper in bulk, and the best part is that their products are made in the USA!

Draw Digital Art with an UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter

8. 3D Models

If you're interested in replicating my pen workflow, you can download 3D models to assist you. There are various sources where you can find these models. These models can help you secure your pen to the pen holder at different heights, allowing for a customized setup Additionally, you can find tutorials and resources on how to use a 3D pen effectively.

Final Thoughts

The UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter is a valuable tool for digital art. It can also help you to push the boundaries of your creativity. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting your artistic journey, the UUNA TEK iDraw Pen Plotter can help you create stunning digital art with precision and innovation.

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