Breaking Down the Top 4 Rumors about Pen Plotters vs. Printers

Breaking Down the Top 4 Rumors about Pen Plotters vs. Printers

In the realm of printing technology, the comparison between pen plotters and printers has often been shrouded in misconceptions and outdated beliefs. Let's delve deeper into the top 4 rumors about pen plotters compared with printers and uncover the truth behind these claims.

Rumor 1: Printers are faster than plotters.

It's true that historically, printers have been perceived as the faster option when it comes to printing tasks. However, the landscape has evolved with the introduction of advanced pen plotters like the UUNA TEK iAuto automatic writing machine pen plotter autopen. This innovative device boasts speeds comparable to printers, thanks to its efficient roller and auto feeder mechanisms. Even for the Impact Printer, it can write up to 250 characters/minute, while for iAuto, it can write around 200-300 characters/minute as well. By seamlessly handling bulk and duplicated jobs, the iAuto challenges the notion that printers hold the speed advantage.

Check the demo video when iAuto is writing letters:


Rumor 2: Printers are good for Text and Images, while plotters are only for images.

Traditionally, plotters were primarily used by architects and designers for rendering vector images and intricate diagrams. However, the emergence of modern pen plotters has expanded their capabilities beyond traditional applications. With the advent of A4 and A3 size pen plotters like the iDraw 2.0 A3 Pen Plotters, writing letters, cards, and invitations has become effortless. These versatile devices have shattered the misconception that plotters are limited to image-based tasks, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

Check the demo video about writing Chinese Calligraphy iDraw 2.0 A3 Pen Plotters (no speed up):


Rumor 3: Printers are more cost-effective than plotters.

In the past, printers were considered the more cost-effective option for printing needs. However, the landscape has shifted with the growing popularity of pen plotters in various markets, including generative art. Devices like the Axidraw and iDraw Pen Plotters have revolutionized the industry by offering affordable solutions with exceptional quality. The iDraw 1.0, priced at just $299 during Black Friday sales, exemplifies the accessibility of pen plotters to small businesses and individuals alike. This significant reduction in cost has made pen plotters a viable option for a wide range of printing and drawing applications.

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Rumor 4: Pen plotters are primarily for maps, blueprints, and large print jobs, while printers are for processing soft copies to hard copies.

Traditionally, pen plotters were associated with tasks such as rendering engineering drawings, business charts, construction maps, and architectural plans. Meanwhile, printers were utilized for converting soft copies into hard copies across various industries. However, with the onset of COVID-19, a significant shift has occurred. Small businessmen have recognized the potential of handwritten marketing materials for enhancing business success. They're leveraging pen plotters to create personalized letters, invitations, cards, and envelopes, adding a unique touch to their communications. Additionally, artists have embraced pen plotters as tools for creating intricate generative and digital arts. By selling their creations online, they're tapping into new avenues for income generation. This paradigm shift underscores the versatility of pen plotters—they're no longer confined to specific industries or tasks. Instead, they've evolved into valuable tools for online entrepreneurship and business expansion, enabling individuals to explore new avenues and thrive in the digital landscape.

Check some generative artworks shared by iDraw users with UUNA TEK iDraw pen plotters>>>



Unveiling the Truth: Pen Plotters Redefined

Contrary to popular belief, pen plotters are not just a relic of the past—they are at the forefront of modern printing technology. With their enhanced speed, versatility, and affordability, pen plotters have emerged as formidable contenders in the printing arena. The UUNA TEK iAuto and iDraw 2.0 and H Pen Plotters are prime examples of how innovation has reshaped the perception of pen plotters, debunking myths and paving the way for new possibilities.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Printing

As the printing landscape continues to evolve, it's essential to challenge preconceived notions and embrace the advancements that redefine what is possible. Pen plotters have transcended their traditional limitations, offering a new standard of speed, versatility, and affordability. By debunking myths and embracing innovation, we can break down the top 4 rumors about pen plotters unlock the full potential of pen plotters and revolutionize the way we approach printing and design.

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