UUNA TEK®Pen Plotter Joins Makoto Inoue's "Phenomenon Orchestra" Exhibition in Berlin

UUNA TEK®Pen Plotter Joins Makoto Inoue's "Phenomenon Orchestra" Exhibition in Berlin

Berlin, Germany - [April 6, 2024] We are excited to announce that UUNA TEK Limited Company, a leading provider and founder of precision Pen Plotters and iAuto - the world’s 1st True Automatic Handwriting Machine for bulk writting, is proud to sponsor Makoto Inoue's solo exhibition, "Phenomenon Orchestra," at the esteemed Urban Spree gallery in Berlin. This avant-garde exhibition, scheduled from the end of March through April 2024, promises to redefine artistic boundaries by merging music, visual art, and technology into an immersive experience.

Makoto Inoue, a Berlin-based media artist renowned for his innovative approaches, has envisioned "Phenomenon Orchestra" as a journey into the "Possibility of Unity," where diverse art forms converge to explore interconnectedness and collective experience. In an email exchange with the UUNA TEK team, Inoue expressed a vision to integrate UUNA TEK's Pen Plotters into the exhibition, envisioning them as pivotal tools to showcase the dynamic interplay between technology and traditional art.

UUNA TEK Pen Plotters, renowned for their seamless integration of digital design with tangible art, will play a central role in "Phenomenon Orchestra," actively creating artwork during the exhibition. Visitors will witness firsthand the mesmerizing process of digital designs being transformed into physical art forms in real-time. This collaboration between Makoto Inoue and UUNA TEK promises to elevate the interactive experience, offering attendees a unique glimpse into the intersection of art and technology.

The UUNA TEK Pen Plotters boast cutting-edge features tailored for artists seeking precision and versatility. Equipped with Drag Chain Technology, these plotters ensure smooth operation and precise output even at high speeds. With vertical mounting capability and supreme size options ranging from A2 to A0, artists have the freedom to bring their grandest ideas to life. Powered by robust stepper motors and offering unparalleled speed, UUNA TEK Pen Plotters deliver exceptional performance without compromising on precision.

In celebration of National Pet Day, UUNA TEK is delighted to offer exclusive discounts on all Pen Plotters and accessories. From now until April 15th, 2024, all UUNA TEK Pen Plotters are available at 25% off, and all accessories can be purchased with a buy one, get one free offer using the code BUY1GET1 at checkout. This special promotion underscores UUNA TEK's commitment to providing innovative tools for artists while celebrating the joy of pet ownership.
Makoto Inoue's collaboration with UUNA TEK underscores the exhibition's commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation. By showcasing the capabilities of UUNA TEK's Pen Plotters within the context of "Phenomenon Orchestra," both parties aim to inspire audiences and spark conversations about the future of art and technology.

"We are thrilled to partner with Makoto Inoue and Urban Spree gallery for the 'Phenomenon Orchestra' exhibition," said Klaus Yang, Co-founder at UUNA TEK. "This collaboration not only highlights the versatility of our Pen Plotters but also reinforces our commitment to supporting the evolving landscape of contemporary art."

As a key sponsor and technological partner, UUNA TEK will receive prominent recognition within the exhibition space and across all promotional materials. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in bridging the gap between art and technology, offering a compelling narrative about the innovative spirit driving modern artistic endeavors.

For more information about the "Phenomenon Orchestra" exhibition and UUNA TEK Pen Plotters, please follow the instagram @makoto_inoue_sound and http://www.uunatek.com.

About Urban Spree:
Urban Spree, located in the heart of Berlin, is a renowned hub for arts and culture, known for its commitment to showcasing innovative and experimental art forms.

About Makoto Inoue:
Makoto Inoue is a Berlin-based media artist known for creating immersive art experiences that blend technology with traditional art forms.

UUNA TEK is a leading provider and founder of Pen Plotters and iAuto Automatic Handwriting Machines, offering artists precision tools for creating generative art with ease.

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