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Unveiling the World of Axidraw and Pen Plotter Machines

Introduction to Axidraw and Pen Plotter Machines

Axidraw products are high on the rankings of pen plotter machines. These graphic printers make line drawings on paper with pens and are also called XY plotters. Following directions from vector files, these machines draw designs that would be difficult to produce with standard printers.

Their automated pens produce high-resolution images on plotter paper using continuous lines instead of dots. Axidraw pen plotter machines have become quite popular in the art community thanks to their precision and versatility.

The World of Axidraw

What is Axidraw?

What is Axidraw?
Axidraw is the brainchild of Evil Mad Scientist LLC, a family-owned company based in Sunnyvale, California. This company has produced DIY and open-source hardware designs since its inception in 2007. However, their line of Axidraw pen plotter machines is the crown piece of their establishment.

These plotters combine superior build quality with precision in drawing that won't be found elsewhere. They are also quite versatile, more so than regular plotters, for two significant reasons.
●All Axidraw plotters allow you to plot with any pen of your choice. Your favorite fountain pens, permanent markets, pencils, and even chalk can be used here. You can spring for the XL Pen Clip to hold a larger drawing tool.
●Axidraw supports software that mimics human handwriting written with an actual pen. This makes all their plotters suitable as signature tools that never tire.
Axidraw offers many models, from the Minikit 2 to the Special Edition (SE). However, we'll talk more about the Axidraw V3 model here.

Exploring Axidraw V3

The Axidraw V3 is Evil Mad Scientist's most popular model, and we can get why. It occupies the sweet spot between the efficient but premium Axidraw SE and the cheaper but small Minikit 2.
The Axidraw V3 A3 costs $700, we'll look at a few of them.
1.Build quality: The build quality of the Axidraw V3 is evident at a glance. Designed and manufactured in the USA, it incorporates high-quality materials that ensure it lasts with proper care.
2.Versatility: All Axidraw plotters allow you to use any pen of your choice, but the V3 takes it a step forward. It lets you modify the angle of your drawing tool from vertical to 45°. That makes a huge difference for some pens and brushes.
3.Easy-to-use Software: You may be glad to hear that you don't need programming to use the Axidraw V3. With a little practice, anyone can be plotting in no time.
4.Extensible head: The Axidraw V3 boasts a simple game-changing feature. The writing head extends beyond the machine, allowing you to draw on objects bigger than it.
5.Custom fonts: Pen plotter machines are usually employed to make the print-out look handwritten. You can make the Axidraw V3 replicate any handwriting you want; you only have to create a custom font first.

Pen Plotter Machines And Their Role

Pen Plotter Machines Unveiled

Pen Plotters are nothing new. The first plotter was developed by Remington-Rand way back in 1953.

Plotters produced precise and high-resolution results but soon fell out of use because of their low speed. Printers gave their low-resolution results almost instantaneously, while a plotter would take minutes to produce the same drawing.

Despite that, plotters still found use in certain fields that valued the quality of the product over speed. These fields include architecture, engineering, cartography, and graphic design.
The ability to change the thickness of the pens proved invaluable and is being implemented in various creative ways in these fields.

The Creative Versatility Of Pen Plotters

Pen plotter machines were used for logo work, illustrations, and typography for a long time. It was simply for work that had to be reproduced accurately in multiple instances.

In recent years, artists have been able to merge mathematics and technology with their art. This is called Generative Art. It produces new visual aesthetics incorporating dizzying lines and shapes that can only be made with pen plotter machines.

Artists have also employed them in murals, inputting their parameters and letting large pen plotter machines do the work. Many have found that just watching the art come to life through a pen plotter is captivating on its own.

The UUNA TEK® H Version Pen Plotter

Introducing UUNA TEK® H

Another bigwig in the pen plotter business is the H Version pen plotter from UUNA TEK®. Also known as iDraw, this brand has established itself as a heavyweight in the industry through its high-quality products. The H Version pen plotter is no different.

This H Version pen plotter also serves as a laser engraver designed to push the boundaries of precision and speed. It boasts a durable build with cutting-edge technology, allowing for wide connectivity to devices through Bluetooth and USB. With multiple laser heads of different intensities, the H Version pen plotter is suitable for engraving on various materials.

Among all these features, the H version's selling point is its speed. It is the world's fastest handwriting machine, with a 300% difference between it and its peers.

UUNA TEK® H In The World Of Pen Plotters

In the world of pen plotters, the UUNA TEK® H Version is peerless. Its writing speed of 12000 words/minute blows all the competition out of the water. That aside, it still offers a lot for its $699 price tag.

The H version plotter has an A3 working area that should be enough for your artistic needs. It also comes with three interchangeable laser heads to aid in your engraving. It offers unparalleled accuracy, too, as it provides a minimum resolution of 0.01mm for both axes. Few plotters have this.

These functionalities, combined with the build quality evident in its steel plate, make the UUNATEK H Version pen plotter a bang for your buck.

Applications of Axidraw and UUNA TEK® Pen Plotter Machines

Pen plotter machines like the UUNA TEK® allow for the changing of pens. This simple functionality has led to their application in many unique use cases. These include:
●Architecture and engineering: The precise control of the pen was a huge factor in its usage for the reproduction of blueprints and floor plans. Any mistake in these delicate technical drawings could be disastrous, prompting their use in the field.
●Cartography: Maps are simply a collection of lines of different shades. This falls right within a plotter's capabilities. Plotters replicate maps precisely, following all the necessary routes and boundaries to the letter.
●Manufacturing: Many manufacturers need precise cutting tools for their work. These fabricators replace the pens with laser tools and employ them to do the cutting.
●Fashion And Textiles: Pen plotter machines are used to draw patterns on cloth and cut with a precision that only they can achieve. They're usually found in large textile factories.

Choosing the Right Pen Plotter

With all the options in the market, choosing the right pen plotter machine can be a tough call. A wrong choice can affect the quality of your work, leading to lost opportunities and clients. We'll walk you through picking the suitable pen plotter for your needs.
1.Type of work to be done: Pen plotters come in different sizes and shapes. Some also have extra functionalities, like laser engravers. The work you plan on doing will determine the one to purchase.
2.Speed: How quickly do you need your results? If speed is important to you, you should be looking towards the UUNA TEK® H Version pen plotter. The incredible speed of this plotter may aid your work.
3.Budget: Plotters can be expensive, so check your budget before purchasing. Compare the cost to the functionalities and make your choice.
4.Brand: The brand name in these purchases is crucial. Some brands have demonstrated a standard and expertise in their work, so their products would be more durable and reliable.
5.Availability of accessories and parts: Pen plotters have many moving parts that may eventually develop faults. How easy would getting replacements be? 

User Reviews and Testimonials

Here's what the users have to say about our pen plotters:
1. "I absolutely love the iDraw 2.0 A3 pen plotter, and I'm super excited to use it for many more projects. As a beginner, this pen plotter has exceeded my expectations and opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. Setup was a breeze, and it works seamlessly with Inkscape. The precision and accuracy of the pen plotter are impressive. I'm also impressed with the durability and sturdiness. It feels well-made and reliable, which gives me confidence that it will last for a long time, allowing me to create countless projects without worries. "  from @


2." I'm quite impressed by how well this pen plotter performs. I was expecting to have a harder time assembling it but unlike the * Drawbot, it is already mostly preassembled so only a few steps to get it running. The build quality is good, as expected between the Drawbot and the Axidraw.....All in all, this feels like the type of gear I'd have loved to get started on when I jumped into generative art. " By PIERRE PASLIER
3."(UUNA TEK®)iDraw H plotter is an excellent choice for artists venturing into generative art." Medusa (
4."I was impressed. This thing is accurate, quiet, and fast." Generative Artworks (Medium) on the(UUNA TEK®) iDraw H version.


The Axidraw V3 from Evil Mad Scientist and the iDraw H Version from UUNATEK are two of the foremost pen plotters on the scene.

Thanks to its high build quality, easy-to-use software, and versatility, the Axidraw V3 has become the go-to pen plotter for artists. With the constant updates from Evil Mad Scientist, it will keep its position as the standard to which other plotters are measured.

While the speed of the iDraw H Version is unparalleled, the value for money is also surprising. You get three laser heads, excellent build quality, and superior precision for a token price. The package is complete.

Get any of these plotters today, and you'll be glad you did.

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