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Top 5 Affordable Alternatives to Axidraw Pen Plotter for 2024

The Axidraw XY plotter is a popular pen plotter known for its ease of use and versatile capabilities in drawing or writing on various flat surfaces. However, its functionality comes at a relatively high price, with the V3 version costing $473. To provide budget-friendly alternatives with comparable features, we've compiled a list of the top 5 Alternatives to Axidraw Pen Plotter for your consideration.

1.UUNA TEK®: A Versatile Pen Plotter Alternative

Axidraw Alternatives -iDraw H Pen Plotter

UUNA TEK® is an XY plotter that not only replicates handwriting on flat surfaces but can also laser on materials such as paper, leather, and wood with a change of the laser head. It boasts an impressive accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

  • Name: UUNA TEK®
  • Price: $299-$699
  • Versions: Metal (A4/A3 Size)
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Open-source: YES
  • DIY: YES
  • Software: Inkscape V1.0
  • Mainboard: Drawcore, EBB V2.3

UUNA TEK® offers a cost-effective alternative with both acrylic and metal options, providing a viable choice for users aiming to reduce expenses.

2. Robot House: A Sturdy Metal Pen Plotter

Robot House
Similar to UUNA TEK®, Robot House offers both DIY and metal versions. This option comes with a comprehensive user guide and assembly videos. While slightly pricier than UUNA TEK®, it remains competitive when compared to Axidraw. The repeatability accuracy is rated at 0.2mm.

  • Name: Robot House
  • Price: $259.99
  • Version: Metal
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS
  • Open-source: NO
  • DIY: YES
  • Software: Inkscape V0.91
  • Mainboard: Drawcore, EBB V2.3

Robot House is an excellent choice for those seeking a metal version with clear assembly instructions.

3. Geekplay XY Plotter: An Assembled Yet Affordable Option

Geekplay XY Plotter
The Geekplay XY Plotter is a pre-assembled standalone robot with a Corexy/Hbot structure, eliminating the need for post-purchase assembly. Besides handwriting, it is capable of creating colorful layer posters. Additionally, it supports open-source applications.

  • Name: Geekplay
  • Price: $179.99
  • Version: Metal
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS
  • Open-source: YES
  • DIY: NO
  • Software: Inkscape V0.9
  • Mainboard: Drawcore, EBB V2.3

The Geekplay XY Plotter provides a convenient, cost-effective option for users seeking a pre-assembled pen plotter.

4. Monoprice: An Aluminum Pen Plotter Alternative
The Monoprice XY Plotter stands out with its aluminum construction and dual-way transmission mechanism. It features an updated main board, the Me Orion, and supports both software and hardware upgrades. However, it's important to note that this option is primarily compatible with Windows.

  • Name: Monoprice
  • Price: $239.99
  • Version: Aluminum
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Open-source: YES, Arduino
  • DIY: YES
  • Software: mDraw
  • Mainboard: Me Orion

Monoprice offers an aluminum alternative for those seeking an enhanced pen plotter experience.

5. Makeblock Writing Machine: A Laser-Focused Option
The Makeblock DIY LaserBot, inspired by the Monoprice XY Plotter, focuses on laser precision with a high accuracy of 0.1mm. It replaces the pen heads with a laser module. The mainboard is upgraded and compatible with Arduino and RaspberryPi.

  • Name: Makeblock
  • Price: $349.99
  • Version: Aluminum
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Open-source: YES, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • DIY: YES
  • Software: mDraw
  • Mainboard: MegaPi

Makeblock Writing Machine is a great choice for those looking to incorporate laser-based drawing into their projects.

If you're considering a budget-friendly alternative to the Axidraw XY Plotter, the UUNA TEK® Drawing Machine is a highly recommended option.

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