Chinese Calligraphy with UUNA TEK Pen Plotter

A Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Calligraphy with UUNA TEK Pen Plotter

Chinese brush writing culture, also known as calligraphy, represents a traditional art form that conveys aesthetics and emotions through the intricate strokes of Chinese characters on paper, employing a brush. This practice emphasizes the allure of brushwork and ink, serving as a reflection of China's profound cultural heritage. In this exploration, we will utilize the UUNA TEK Calligraphy Plotters to experiment with the art of Chinese calligraphy.

1. Prepare the brush

To embark on this journey, the initial step involves the selection of an appropriate brush. The brush, a quintessential tool in traditional Chinese writing and painting, can be categorized into three types based on the quality of the hair: soft hair, hard hair, and fine hair. Soft-bristle pens, like those crafted from sheep's hair, excel in absorbing substantial ink, making them suitable for creating smooth and gentle strokes. Hard-bristle pens, such as langhao, feature sharp edges ideal for crafting fine and powerful lines. Double-bristle pens, combining the characteristics of both soft and hard bristles, offer flexibility, making them suitable for various calligraphy and painting styles. The diverse range of brushes caters to different calligraphy styles and painting techniques, showcasing a rich array of artistic expression. It is essential to choose a pen barrel with a diameter compatible with the UUNA TEK Pen Plotter, ensuring the secure attachment of the brush. A recommended diameter for the pen barrel is approximately 10-15mm. Alternatively, a Chinese brush pen, resembling a traditional brush, can also be utilized. This double-bristle pen, with moderate softness and hardness, is suitable for robotic writing:

2. Prepare copywriting

Enter the text to be written into Inkscape:

Utilize the Hershey Text function within iDraw Utilities to convert the text into the desired brush word effect. For instance, I choose the Hershey script1-stroke font:

3. Start writing

With the documents prepared, commence the calligraphy writing with calligraphy plotters. Adjust the pen height and writing speed in the settings:

With the documents prepared, commence the calligraphy writing. Adjust the pen height and writing speed in the settings:

Calligraphy Plotters

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