UUNA TEK Announces Software Update with Open API Integration

UUNA TEK Announces Software Update with Open API Integration

April 30, 2024 - UUNA TEK is excited to announce the release of its latest software update, featuring Open API integration. This enhancement allows for seamless integration of business applications, providing users with unparalleled control over their iAuto automatic writing machines.

The new Open API integration streamlines operations, making the control of iAuto machines easier and more intuitive. Users can now effortlessly incorporate their existing business applications with iAuto machines, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.

Key features and answers to common questions about the new functionality include:

API Call Handling: When sending API calls to the iAuto machine, users need to run the web server on a separate laptop. This laptop is required to activate the software license initially, after which it can be left unattended to handle incoming API calls.

Download the UUNA TEK iAuto Software and Documents with API here 

Find the document via Software - Tool - API as image 

Some screenshots for API:
1. Homepage
2. Demo Screenshots
3. API Codes

Support and Warranty: UUNA TEK offers robust support options for its new product. While the distributor network is still being established,UUNA TEK commits to providing replacements during the warranty period, eliminating the need for users to ship defective units back to Hong Kong. The machines are designed for durability, with an expected lifespan of up to five years. Any necessary spare parts will be supplied free of charge within the warranty period. For users unable to perform repairs themselves, UUNA TEK offers the option to send machines to the factory for repairs, though this is not mandatory.

This software update marks a significant step forward for UUNA TEK, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The Open API integration empowers businesses to optimize their workflows and achieve greater control over their automatic writing processes.

For more information about the new iAuto software update and Open API integration, visit iAuto's official website.

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