What’s the Best Car Camping Tent?

The reasons to camp in the nature can be various, enjoy fresh air, spend weekend with lover or kids, study the animals or plants. All of them means to get away from current living environment. People choose car camping more often than backpacking camping or others, cause it’s more convenient in transportation and sleeping. Some vehicle companies like Honda, Jeep even have exclusive camping cars, which has cooler, mattress, curtain, stove, chair and more inside. However, the price is also high to sky. A suitable durable tent for car camping is a good alternative.

Generally speaking, for quick weekend jaunts with families or friends, an affordable car tent is enough. Those better constructed and more expensive car camping tent is preferable for long-term trips like across the country from east to west. However, what’s the best car camping tent, is there any standards?

Let’s imitate a whole procedure of car camping trip and analyze when will you need a tent and what kind of features the tent should contain.

1. When you park the car – it should protect from any falling objects like birds’ droppings, portable, easy to install.

2. When it’s raining – it should be waterproof.

3. When it’s hot – it should be anti-UV, don’t turn your car into stove and suffocating kids in car won’t happen again.

When it’s snow – it should be anti-freezen.

When it’s heavy hurricane – it should be anti-wind, anti-scratch, it should be durable with high-quality materials and well-structured

When you want to cook – it should be extendable to provide shade for your cooking stove.

When you want to fish – it should be a popup tent and waterproof to protect you from hot sun or cold rain.

When you want to sleep – it should be a cabin tent to sleep several men like 6-7 people.

When you want to swim – it should be a beach tent to keep cool and provide shade for you rest anytime when you back from sea.

When you want to play cards – it should be stick to the table as a popup tent to keep cool and prevent raining for you and your friends to play freely.

When you want to read book – it should be a popup tent to protect your eyes from UV damage

When you want to ……

It’s not possible to bring all those different car camping tents in your trip, what if I told you that there is an all-in-one car camping tent can meet all your needs above and afforable for everyone? Do you think that’s the best car camping tent? In my opinion, nothing better than that.

Let’s take a look at the image below:

Those are the different models of Lanmodo car camping tent, which can be a car tent most of time, but it can also transform to popup tent, beach tent, cabin tent, table tent and more, which can be used under any weather conditions like raining, sunny, snowy, hurricane to protect your cars and families from any possible damages and hurts.

Here are the main features made Lanmodo car camping tent different from others:

  • one-click to open and close, 30 seconds to install, check the install video here

Youtube Video: How to Install Car Hiking Tent within 30 Seconds

  • fiberglass makes 10X stronger than others

Youtube Video: Fiberglass Makes Lanmodo Pop Up Tent 10X Stronger Than Others

  • protect cars from wind, sun, snow, rain, falling droppings and more
  • over 10 different forms like popup tent, cabin tent, rooftop tent, backpacking tent, beach tent and more
  • keep cool in hot summer, lower temperature up to 35 degree

  • fits all cars including trucks, SUV, mini van, pickup and more

What’s the best is the price, it’s only $239 from here, which can be affordable for almost all families. Get it to enjoy the your long-term or short-term car camping today.


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