Top 12 Car Camping Tips for Beginners

I love camping, which gives me fresh mind with fresh air. Every week, as long as I have spare time, I will take my kids out to look for inner peach in the nature. Car camping is much suitable for some newbies or lazy people like me. Cause it’s unnecessary to prepare so many stuff like backpacking or wild camping.

Here I collected 3 parts car camping tips for beginners.

Part one – top 12 car camping watchouts

  1. Save Money

How long you didn’t wear the shoes you bought for adventure, which might cost you legs and arms but only used for probably one time. Everytime when I have short-term travel, I can’t help buy many unnecessary products in supermarket. Actually before you confirmed that car camping would be part of your future like, it’s unnecessary to spend money. Just grab any necessary things in your current house.

  1. Prevent Mosquitoes and Bugs

Mosquitoes is everywhere if the car campsite is near lake or forest. Bring some mosquito-killing spray, but environment-friendly for kids. For preventing bugs or ants from your food or car, you can block them with magnet curtain or insecticide.

  1. In Case Bad Weather

There is always bad weather after you planned a perfect car travel in a perfect weekend. Prepare a waterproof tent, make sure you bring the clothes stand to dry your gear. For sunny day, bring sunscream. For rainy day, don’t forget to bring your raincoat. For kids, no matter how bad the weather is, freedom to run and play is the most important.

  1. Enough Water Supply

Water is even more important than food. Many car camping beginners forget water is not only to supply for drinking, but also for cooking and cleaning. Enough water supply means double volume of water.

  1. First-aid Kit

Taking kids out, it’s common to get a little hurt in legs or hands. Bring the first-aid kit to make sure any possible accident. Bandage, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, antipyretics are necessary.

  1. Stay Away from Fuel

Don’t use the car fuel to lit up anything, it’s too dangerous. Especially for kids, they don’t know how danger it is. If someone needs to lit with your fuel, just go back home immediately.

  1. Enough Food

If you didn’t eat enough food, even the best beautiful scene can’t draw any attention to you and kids. Food is the priority. Prepare some snack food like bread, oats, cheese, chocolate, snickers.

  1. Kill the Music

Don’t volume up your speaker after arrived in the campsite, though you can enjoy the music in the road. Enjoy the peaceful nature, smell the fresh air, watch the wild environment, play with your kids. Close your eyes, you will find a better world. Music gonna ruin all those peace.

  1. Separate Fire Starters in Different Places

Don’t put all your money in one pocket. Don’t put all your fire starters in one place, separate them into different places to make sure you have enough backups. Especially if you plan to take overnight car camping in the wild. Fire can keep you warm as well as keep from animal attacks.

  1. Set up Tent before Leaving

Check up all parts, connectors, power of your tent, try to set up on your yard first before leaving. If everything’s fine, then plan the next things.

  1. Suitable Car Tent

It’s much save time and money if you can pick up a suitable car tent. I highly recommend Lanmodo car tent, which can transform to a rooftop tent to protect your car from any damages from sun, rain, snow, falling objects. It can also be a popup tent for you to rest, talk, cook under shade. Transforming to cabin tent, it can occupy over 7 people at the same time.

  1. Romantic String Light

If you have any company like boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband together, you can bring a romantic string light to enjoy a special date night. You won’t how beautiful is it when you sleep under string light and the star is winkling in the sky.

Part two – necessary packing list

  • Mat
  • Stove
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Lantern
  • Coffee System
  • Cooler
  • Speaker
  • Tent
  • Utensils
  • Chair
  • Bin
  • Gill
  • Water bottle

Part three – how to sleep well on car camping

  1. Get your bed off the ground, keep warm from cold ground
  2. Crack a window to enjoy some fresh air when sleep in the car
  3. Make curtains with slipping blinder clips
  4. Find way to dry your gear, you won’t enjoy a nice night after your clothes sweat after several hours driving
  5. Plan and point out the parking spot on the map before leaving
  6. Arrange the storage properly to make sure enough room for sleeping
  7. Don’t forget to bring the toilet paper
  8. Set up a car kitchen will save you much time to cook delicious food


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