Top 10 Robots for Highschools Universities Robotics Competition 2017

You should know that robotics is a field concerned with the construction, programming, and using of robots which are created to perform various tasks assigned them by humans. Currently, robots are used in an extensive range of different fields in life, to either help human labor or replace it.

Moreover, in recent times, people’s interest in robotics has soared in both educational and recreational activities, mostly so in the young generation. Now, across the globe, you can find groups of young people engaged in robotic extracurricular and after-school activities which helps develops in them, the ability to work as a team while programming, building and using robots.

Such activities sometimes are of a competitive nature, in which robotic teams or groups challenge each other in order to see which teams robot can perform faster and effectively in the task set. By so doing, they use these robotic competitions to showcase their skills in building, programming, and controlling their robots.

Here are some benefits obtained from being a Robotic competition participant across, high school engineering competition, college Robotic Competitions and Universities Robotic Competitions.

  • It gives a chance to combine your STEM knowledge, your practical building skills, and your creativity.
  • It gives you a chance to compete with your peers in a fun and exciting environment while being eligible to garners awards and other indicators of high performance.
  • It gives you a chance to challenge yourself in becoming an expert in this specialized field, that isn’t often taught in the classroom.
  • It helps you learn how to build and repair electronics and machinery, which will be beneficial to you in your day-to-day life and careers.
  • It helps you acquire background knowledge in computer programming. This is a knowledge that is highly sorted in present job markets, mostly in cutting-edge entrepreneurial fields.
  • It gives you support for your specialized technology-related fields, which will enable you to compose a very compelling college application when the time comes.

Here are the ten robotic products that made our list, a perfect example of the possibilities that can be fetched, in the robotics field.



NVIDIA BB8 self-driving car demo— The BB8 comes with NVIDIA’s DRIVE PX 2 AI self-driving computer which enables it to safely drive itself in the complex and dynamic environment.

No. 9. Ewaybot Technology’s MoRo robot assistant

Ewaybot Technology’s MoRo robot assistant — This robot is able to grab and handle objects around your home in order to help simplify your life. It comes with, a 360-degree field-of-view with no blind spots, and real-time voice control.

No 8. Lego Boost Robotics Kits

Lego Boost Robotics Kits — it presents a combination of building blocks, sensors, motors, and Android/iOS app control in order to allow kids build a lot of robots that can respond to stimuli.

No 7. Mayfield Robotics Kuri

Mayfield Robotics Kuri — it’s a social robot that helps you stay in touch with your home while away. It has a built-in HD camera, four microphones, dual speakers and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus IFTTT capabilities.

No 6. Jibo

Jibo — this is a very smart social robot, that learns from the events in the environment it is, loves people, and uses what it has learned to act differently, enough to spice up the family.

No 5. Wowwee Robotics Emoji Coding Robot

Wowwee Robotics Emoji Coding Robot — the robot is created to use Emoji’s as a medium to teach three years old, children basic programming skills using the “language” of visual emojis.

No 4. PowerVision Fishfinder Drone

PowerVision Fishfinder Drone — it is designed to cope with freshwater and saltwater; it can dive 98 feet underwater, and remain underwater for four hours; it has a 4k camera, and has Wi-Fi enabled for transmitting of imagery.

No 3. UVify Draco Drone

UVify Draco Drone — the sports drone comes with a top speed of 100mph. It can fly out of the box and has swappable components.

No 2. Propel Star War Drones

Propel Star War Drones — You have a variety to pick from: there is the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, the 74-Z Speeder Bike and the Advanced X1. They can reach speeds of 35 MPH.

No 1. Dobot Magician

Dobot Magician — this is an all-in-one tool robot, that comes with:3D printing, laser engraving, gripper, pen for drawing, vacuum suction cup (for pick and place procedures), and an opportunity to create more advanced functions of it, through its open-source design, for people with programming and advanced electronics knowledge. This makes Dobot Magician the best both in the educational field and beyond.

Why is Dobot Magician the Best?

It offers a lot of functions that will benefit not only students but also engineers and computer programmers. Aside from this, it comes with a very affordable price and can easily fit in your home, class, factory, and workshop.

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