Top 10 Robotics Workshop Kits for Students

Parents (and teachers) should use every opportunity they have to help children learn new things. Luckily, we are living in a world where educational products are more accessible than ever. One of the most popular products of this kind today is the Robotics Workshop Kit for students.

A robotics workshop is a type of workshop focused on the popular branch of technology that works on the design, operation, construction, and application of robots. There is more than one good reason why students should get involved in a robotics workshop. First of all, these workshops support logical thinking. Robotics is a very challenging field of science and technology that practically forces students to look for logical solutions. In addition, a robotics workshop can help students understand certain concepts that they know in theory. In other words, it provides real-life experience. Finally, it supports learning more about the STEM, helps decision making, coding and other things that are beneficial for young students.

In order to get the most from these workshops, students need robotics workshop kits specially designed for them. There are many manufacturers that have kits like this on their offer and that’s why we have decided to create a short list of the best ones.

This kit is here to help children understand the importance of recycling and ecology. Kids can create a fun and entertaining robot that takes care of used items.

Suitable for kids over the age of 9, this workshop kit for kids lets users create eleven different kinds of robots with specific features.

This workshop kit is created for kids that want to improve their STEM skills. It’s easy to assemble this robot and even easier to control it. It comes equipped with Bluetooth technology.

4M has revealed yet another successful robotics workshop kit for children. This time the robot comes in the form of a crab and has an ability to conduct acrobatic tricks.

This is an ideal robotics workshop kit for children over 6 years. It can be connected to an iOS-based device and it helps children learn more about coding.

Now here’s a product that looks quite nice. It is primarily focused on STEM education, but it can also be used for acquiring other skills. This is a programmable robotics workshop kit for kids.

A robotic arm is something that we often see in science labs. With this product, you can help your kids understand how robotics arms work. It is possible to control the arm remotely.

With this workshop kit, you will provide an opportunity to your kids to create and program different robots. The real-time control will help them understand how robots work.

Now here’s a good example of a workshop kit that allows kids to create a robot that consists of 271 parts. It also has six motion robotic servos and it can be controlled via mobile devices.

This is actually a sophisticated robot arm kit that includes a wide range of features. Dobot Magician was made by a well-established company that has experience in this field.

So, what’s the best option you have?

According to many experts and many satisfied users, Dobot Magician is by far the best robotics workshop kit for kids present on the market today. It is available at a reasonable price and includes many interesting features like 3D printing, writing, drawing, laser engraving and more. What’s even better is that kids can control it in different ways – Bluetooth, PC, joystick, mobile device etc. This is an all-in-one kit that your children will love. 

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