Top 10 Robot Halloween Costumes

If you are interested in making some automated or even robotic howling costumes for kids you should strongly consider using a number of different pieces when you are producing a great Halloween costume that also has a robotic theme. Here are some of the top ideas for robot Halloween costumes that also include robotics:

Remote control robot pal from Mindstorms: A part of your costume could be a scientist and inventor with a Lego mind storms EV three companion that accepts treats or follows along during trick-or-treating or during a Halloween party. These remote-control robots can be incredibly advanced and perfect for use in many applications.

Hexbug spider: The hex bug spider robot could easily be dressed up to be part of your costume if you are a zookeeper or even a witch. This moving bug robot has many features that can be controlled and it can be preprogrammed to move in many ways.

Zoids snake robot: This snake robot could be another additional part of your costume and a great learning toy that will teach you how snakes move their bodies. This is a snake robot that can follow you or move with the music.

Robotic hand: The 4m robotic hand kit could be a part of your costume that could give you some extra hands or even some moving hand parts for a part of your costume. It is a fun kit to use and a great part of any costume.

The bb8 app controlled droid: Although this is more of a toy robotics kit it can serve as a beautiful accessory to any Star Wars costume you might consider going out with. It’s controlled through the app and it also has voice recognition to react to your voice.

Tin can robot: Although this robot looks a little bit zany, it can be a great accessory to howling costume especially because it can be decorated with almost any type of spooky theme.

The buzzbot: Jimu robots has produced a small robot companion that could work alongside any type of scientist based cost you more of mad scientist costume. The robot can have some added lights and perform a wide array of functions that can help it to compliment many Halloween costumes.

A treat launcher: imagine being able to launch Halloween candies with a robot or even have a robot that you can use to launch foam balls at people as part of your costume! This mini catapult is a great robotics kit and it can serve as the perfect accessory if you are going out as a medieval warrior.

Vex IQ robotics kit: This programmable mod kit for VX offers a complete remote-control companion assistant with 750 pieces of construction equipment that can be completely customized on every build. This set is very similar to the Lego Mindstorms version and it can work especially well for a videogame-style roving companion or accessory to your costume.

The dobot magician: Why not use extremely professional tools in your Halloween costume? The dobot magician could actually serve a number of functions when sorting your candy, accepting candy or even creating beautiful Halloween themed gifts at a party. These are the types of professional tools that creators use in manufacturing and the robot comes with five different heads for 3D printer, suction cup, pen attachment, laser engraver and more.


Ultimately the other options before the Dobot magician only stand as toys. This product is one of the best in robotic tools that you can include as part of your Halloween costume or part of the Halloween scene that you are trying to set up for a party.

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