Top 10 Japanese Fighting Robots 2017

Japanese robots are one of the finest robots in the world. From humanoid entertainment robots and anima robots to androids and fighting robots – Japanese robotics has covered almost every area where robots are used. In the recent period, more and more people are interested in Japanese fighting robots. According to many experts, these devices have a potential to shape the future of sports. Since the United States is known for creating fighting robots too, the rivalry between these two countries is even more interesting. Now let’s check the top 10 Japanese fighting robotics product list.

Robot fighting would be impossible without the use of special robotics items like Global Specialties r700 Vector robotic arm for example. This product can be managed with the help of special computer software and represents a good choice for those focused on mechatronics.

Here’s a product that can help beginners design a good fighting robot. In its essence, this is an activity bot, but it can easily be transformed into Japanese fighting robot. It’s inexpensive, programmable and you can use it for educational purposes too.

This is another great option for those looking to create a fighting robot. Made by a reputable company, this is a programmable robot that can learn things fast giving the user advantage on the “battlefield”. 

When it comes to fighting robots, the more options you have the better. As the name suggests, this kit allows users to transform the robotics elements into 11 unique types of robots.

It’s easy to move and pick up items with this robotic arm. It relies on manual controls and it’s also programmable. This means that you can “teach” it different fighting tactics.

This is a special hexapod robotics kit that lets users program moves in the form of text files. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble ArcBotics hexy which means that you can make many different combinations.

This is a premade robot that you can turn into a Japanese fighting robot with some small tweaks. It has a sophisticated module that allows it to avoid obstacles and it’s known for its stability.

The list continues with another piece of equipment that you can use to create the perfect fighting robot. This is a powerful tank made from aluminum alloy that can be used as a basis for a bigger robot.

This so-called roll-arm represents a 4-axis DIY movement kit. It’s ideal for fighting robot hobbyists who want to learn how to control a mechanical arm in the best way.

Dobot Magician is one of the greatest multi-functional robotic arms for fighting robots. Of course, this smart robotic arm can be used for many other things.

What makes Dobot Magician your best option?

If you are looking for the best Japanese fighting robot, then you must take Dobot Magician into account. This is the best option for robot enthusiasts for more than one reason. First of all, you can control the Japanese fighting robot in more than one way via a mobile device, joystick, Wi-Fi and more. Next, this is a multi-functional robotic arm. Finally, it supports multiple coding languages.

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