Top 10 Educational Robot Kits for STEM Education

Science technology engineering and mathematics otherwise known as STEM education has become an essential focusing point for many children entering into the early educational system today. STEM education needs to be engaging for children at a young age and one of the most popular new activities for kids to take on is the idea of building up their own robots. With the help of STEM educational robot kits, it is possible for children to learn the basics of robotics and programming in a comfortable format. Here are some of the top educational robot kits available on the market today.

Dobot Magician: This style of the robot is designed for desktop use but to model the professional requirements of a manufacturing robot. With a wide range of uses, this is a very accessible robot they can also handle very professional tasks. Dobot magician can prepare children to be very comfortable with robots that are generally used in manufacturing and more.

Makeblock DIY robot: This robot is a customizable robot rover that is easy to assemble and control with a variety of sensors and visual graphics programming elements. Kids can build a working robot rover for a wide variety of tasks with this reasonable kit.

4m Tin can robot kit: This budget robotics kit includes all of the objects needed to create a simple row by using a recyclable tin can. This is perfect for younger children and it only requires AAA batteries to move. Step-by-step instructions are included to assist children with the process of assembling and programming this robot.

Sliding rail robot: this 1 m range working space designed to extend the Dobot magician will ensure the children can improve the capabilities of this device. This sliding rail kit delivers more points of articulation and movement to help the robot go further.

Lego mind storms remote-controlled robots: Lego mind storm has always been one of the most accessible robot creation tools for children. This intelligent design features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity with the chance to customize and swap out 550+ Lego pieces. All of the elements needed to build one robot are included and you can also add in new features with future Lego mind storms kits.

Robolink 11 in 1 programmable robot: This robot uses Arduino programming cool robotic programs. This robot kit includes a device that can service 11 main functions with very easy wiring components and no need for soldering. This is one of the safest robotic kits for young children to try.

Wonder workshop dash: for children as young as eight this simple robot comes to life with the help of IOS and Android applications. There are hundreds of uses for this robot which is mostly an exploration in code. Connectors also allow for some customization with this robot using applicable Lego Technik extensions.

Mini production line conveyor belt: creating automated production line with the help of complete conveyor belt simulation. This device works with color sensors, speed, distance and other simulated programming techniques for maximum customization.

Thames and Kosmos Remote machines: build several remote-controlled robots in his kit that comes customize with three different motors and the option to assemble 10 different vehicles. This is mostly a mobility robot kit with little programming. This makes it perfect for creative kids that are interested in building both simple and complex vehicles that can serve as the basis for mobile robot technology.

Zoob bot: This educational robot kit includes 49 different pieces with everything required to build a simple and mobile robot. This kit is recommended for children as young as 6 with 0 batteries required and a pullback motor included.

Consider any one of these top educational robots if you would like to get the very best in robotics technology for early STEM education.

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