Top 10 Best and Worst Halloween Candies

When you are preparing for Halloween it’s very important that you consider the types of candies that you are going to put out and the types of candies that you’re going to receive if you are going trick-or-treating. Here are some of the 10 best and the 10 worst Halloween candies as voted by several generations of Halloween candy enthusiasts:

The best:

Reese peanut butter cups: These items are becoming increasingly rarer because of a number of kids that have not allergies however, they still remain one of the most popular Halloween candies that are requested.

Wonka nerds: These tiny balls of sugar come in many different flavours and they can make a satisfying rattle at the bottom of a Halloween bag.

Snickers: mini snickers and the even more elusive full-size Snickers definitely deserve a mention. Many people want to get their hands on this chocolate bar over Halloween.

Popeye candy sticks: Even though they are no longer candy cigarettes in their labelling, these items are the perfect way to enjoy a sweet and marshmallowy treat over Halloween.

Fun dip: because of the sheer amount of sugar that can fun dip, it remains one of the most widely requested Halloween candies. No matter how you eat fun dip, it is a tasty and flavorful option to get on Halloween.

Mars bars: These chocolate and caramel bars are a nice alternative if you are worried about nut allergies and they are still packed with sugar.

Skittles: These fruity chews remain a favourite on Halloween and they are a colourful choice for Halloween parties too.

Kit kats: Although these chocolate bars are relatively simple, they are a great bar to give out that’s completely free of nuts and widely accepted in the mini or full sized option.

M&M’s: This candy-coated chocolate will always be a favourite amongst adults as well as children. These are real crowdpleasers.

Double bubble: A big bucket of double bubble serves as an excellent proper any Halloween party and even though the flavour leaves double bubble quickly, they are still one of the most requested Halloween candies.

The worst:

Chocolate pumpkins: These are items that are chocolate flavoured and not actually made out of chocolate. They are some of the worst wrapped candies you can get on Halloween.

Candy corn: candy corn almost always leads to someone getting sick from the amount of corn syrup that’s in every bite.

Hard peppermints: A hard peppermint is something that you might expect a Christmas or after you get the bill at a restaurant but not on Halloween.

Raisins: raisins stand is the worst of the worst Halloween candies. They are just too healthy.

An apple: Getting a plane Apple on Halloween is one of the worst ideas that a homeowner can make.

Wax lips: These are good for around 3 to 5 seconds of flavour before you throw them out.

Molasses chews: These items are some of the worst ideas and they lead to more lost teeth and cavities than any other Halloween candy.

Werther’s original: It’s tough to get excited about a caramel that is something you might receive after dinner at your grandparents’ house.

Caramel Apple pop: These often end up melting and having all the terror mail removed from the wrapper!

Tootsie rolls: you either love these or hate them but to some people, they can be the worst of Halloween candies.

Consider some of these top best and worst Halloween candies if you are going to be having a Halloween party or handing out Halloween candy at your home this year.

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