Top 10 Best Robotics Projects for STUDENT ROBOTICS Competitions

Student robotics competitions are becoming very popular STEM education events in which groups of students or even a single student will work to create a working robot that serves a particular function. In many cases, a challenge will be outlined before the competition gets started. A robot might have to move an object from a point to point, draw a line or perform a whole host of other functions depending on the nature of the competition. These competitions are happening nationwide and they are producing a whole new generation of successful robotics and engineering experts.

If you are looking for an excellent project that you could bring to a student robotics competition here are some of the top products that you could consider for your preparation:

Lego Mindstorm: The Lego Mindstorms kits have always been one of the most intelligent Lego style robot kits available. This kit comes with a base of three servo motors and 550 Lego pieces with the Ev3 programmer app.

Thames and Kosmos Robotics: The Smart machine science kit gives you the chance to customize a robot and build it for eight different functions. With the ability to create different robots you can often have all of the tools you need for competitions with multiple objectives.

Gowe Hexapod: This spider robot is built on an Arduino board and it’s one of the best robots that you could use for winning a mobility competition. It’s fairly easy to program and also quite resilient.

Dobot Magician: The Dobot magician is one of the finest robotic kits available on the market currently. It stands as an all-in-one robot for education that can serve a wide array of functions with the help of a variety of attachments. This robot actually can provide a full function of an assembly line robot. With attachments that allow it to move along a sliding rail as well as a conveyor belt that can be used to set up a production line, these are educational tools that could have a direct relationship to professional tools used in factories worldwide.

Jimu Robot: This Astro bot is built from UBtech and it can serve a wide range of functions with a programmable track style rover.

The Lego boost creative toolbox: Lego boost features robots that can be built entirely of Lego pieces. The kit is designed for younger audience but it can also have some great applications for a variety of robotics competitions. Lego allows users to build, code and play in this kit.

Elegoo Uno: This smartcard project is an educational toy that can serve as a great mobility robot. This car can act somewhat independently with the help of some programming and make it through mobility challenges with ease.

Cue Robot: From wonder workshop, this robot has a series of auto modes for exploration, avoidance and exploring and it can also be customized to go through a series of challenges with communication through SMS. The programmed AI in this robot comes with a number of presets and can also be customized.

Jimu inventor: This robot has several different configurations and it can be a great option to take for a bipedal robot competition. There are 16 servos included with this kit for a huge number of configurations.

K’nex education: Knex has had a robotics building kit for a number of years and this is an option that will allow you to build nine different versatile robotics models. This can be an ideal kit for solving a number of problems within a robotics competition. With 800 parts included you can get very creative here.

In conclusion:

The Dobot Magician stands head and shoulders above the rest of these robotic kits. Although it does come with a bit of extra expense, if your team is very serious about accomplishing a task in robotics this is a reliable robotic kit with attachments that can help you to take home top honors!

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