Top 10 Best ABB Robotic Alternatives 2017

Robots have been around for a long time, and now, they come with state-of-the-art features and functionalities that help improve people’s quality of life. One of the leading robot-supplier today is ABB, providing a wide range of robots and robot equipment, software and comprehensive application solutions. But with the technological advancements these days, many robotic companies have established their name in the industry to provide outstanding robots and systems to meet the growing needs of people from various industries. Here are the top ABB robotic alternatives you might want to consider.


At the top of the list for the best ABB robotic replacement is this all-in-one robot for the education sector. DOBOT Magician is a multi-functional robot suitable for students from primary to university. This is the first desktop smart robotic arm in the world, featuring 7 easy ways to control the system easily. It is an extremely cost-efficient solution that enhances human-machine cooperation, which brings efficiency to daily life. It also has 20 different coding languages, 3d printer, laser engraver and more for a more advanced usage. This is your perfect platform to learn about coding, automation, robotic arm, and hardware development.

This is an ABB robotic arm replacement that can be utilized in a wide range of applications. It is a dual-arm robotic system that can lift 110 pounds (50 kilograms) and handle different field missions with a human-like handling capability. Every arm assembly uses brushless torque motors that are essential in achieving twenty degrees of freedom. It has an unmatched dexterity with a load capacity of more than fifty pounds.

Collaborative, flexible and lightweight industrial robot allows you to automate dangerous and repetitive tasks with payloads of up to five kilograms. The UR5 Robot is perfect to optimize collaborative processes that are low-weight, including testing, placing and picking. It provides fast setup, safe and collaborative and very easy to program. This collaborative robot places everything within reach.


This is a six-axis robot specifically designed to improve performance and productivity in part finishing applications, such as sanding and grinding. With high payload capacity and inherent stiffness, the DX1350D  robot can carry process tools to the part or manipulate the part to be processed by a stationary tool. It has a payload of up to 35 kilograms and 2,201 mm horizontal reach.

If you’re looking for a perfect alternative for ABB robotics, you may want to consider SCARA Robot. This is a cost-effective, high-performance robot system for machine tending, mechanical assembly, screw driving, material handling and other applications that require precise and quick automation. It comes with a motion controller and a built-in amplifier to deliver high footprint efficiency. It is one of the lines of standalone robots in the industry.

This robot is the perfect addition to the medical and pharmaceutical industries that meet strict hygienic standards. It features a very smooth surface that prevents adherence of dirt and dust. The robotic arm is also built without screws to maintain a high sanitation level. It also has an optional external mount battery that is vital for battery replacement and improved maintainability.

This is the stiffest, precise and powerful robot in the series, offering maximum power in each position. It is efficient, dynamic and streamlined shelf-mounted robot. It has a payload capacity of 300 kg, making it the most compact and strongest industrial robot to date. With its powerful capabilities, it is ideal for a wide spectrum of applications, including laser welding, palletizing, handling other machines, soldering, inspection, testing, measuring and more.

Smooth and highly sophisticated, MZ04 is an ideal ABB robotic replacement, boasting its fast operating speed to improve productivity and cable routing in the hollow wrist. The hand cables are housed neatly inside the hollow wrist, and its cable routing is essential in preventing interference with any peripheral equipment. The compact and lightweight robot arm helps save space and keep the device simple.

A German Social Accident Insurance certificate for secure, collaborative operation, SVH 5-finger hand is the newest robot in the gripping system. It features nine electric motors to control movement function of twenty joints and integrated electronics for efficient control in the wrist. It grips almost as perfect as the human, and different gripping operations can be performed with great sensitivity. It remarkably defines the new dimensions of manipulating and gripping tasks while making a robot/human communication possible with the use of state of the art sensor systems. It has a very compact design and is ideal for mobile applications.

The YA-U20F has obtained great flexibility movement that’s impossible for many robots until now, thanks to its seven degrees of freedom and unique art form. It features a high degree of motion just like a human arm with its seven-axis arm. Keep it properly by folding to a compact size when not in use. There are also a lot of installation options to choose from – on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor. With its high flexibility motion, the operation is made easier even in narrow space that is inaccessible to human. It handles and assembles heavy objects of up to twenty kilograms.

ABB is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the robotics industry. ABB robotics are known for their impressive functionalities and high-end features. However, aside from the company, there are also companies that have stepped up in the industry with their groundbreaking products and systems. These robots are just a few of the many ABB robotic alternatives that you can take full advantage of today.

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