Top 10 Advanced Robotics for Students

Advanced robotic kits are learning resources for students that can help them to start using some of the more professional tools that they may be asked to program in a manufacturing setting. These are robots used in some of the most modern technological applications today. By getting advanced robotics kits for students they can be much more comfortable with more advanced techniques for robotics as new technology develops. Here are some of the top 10 advanced robotics kits which are suitable for younger students.

LittleBits: This kit is an excellent advanced robotics kit for building synthesizers as well as automated devices for the home. LittleBits is available for under $200 and it allows for a number of different remote control functions. There are many practical applications and instruct the balls found online for using this kit.

Working with Arduino: This is a kit that offers an excellent introduction to physical computing. It does have some challenges to get started with but eventually, it’s possible to build a number of fun projects such as programmable pianos, synth pads and more.

Lego mindstorms EV3: Even though mind storm may seem like a kit that should be made more expressly for kids, it is a kit that works very well with the idea of building impressive robotic devices. This is the ideal kit for making snakes, robot scorpions and even large lego drones. Lego Mind storms is a great set for building quality robotics that is far more advanced than the average Lego set.

Lynxmotions T-Hex: This option is a fairly fun programmable droid that has plenty of options for functions. If you have ever wanted to tinker around with programming a Hex style droid, this option offers plenty of choices. This is an impressive piece of machinery that can serve many functions with code that can also be customized.

EZ robot Revolution: This is a mobile adventure by that is known for a fairly simple price but also a wide range of functions. There are plenty of options for this robot as well as a very supportive community forum that can help with changing its functions.

Cubelets kits Modular robotics: another great introduction to physical computing. This kit allows you to set up a series of functional robotic blocks that can create movement, make sounds and interact with the world. This kit comes with plenty of support for educators too.

The Biped Pete kit from Lynxmotion: Biped Pete is an advanced biped robot that has 22 different points of articulation and a huge number of servos and electronics to control. You can set up this bipedal robot to perform a number of different functions.

Robot tank RobotShop: This fairly advanced tank-style robot is Arduino compatible with a control board and a lithium polymer battery. It can be used with wireless communications and you can set up your own sensors and electronics to have this robot perform many functions.

The mBot kit: This kit is produced using mostly high-quality aluminium and laser cut acrylic. It can interface with a variety of different controllers including household phone jacks and has plenty of expansion modules available to help improve its functions.

Dobot Magician: The Dobot magician is an example of a multifunctional smart robotic arm that can be used in STEM education. This robotic arm is capable of programming for 3-D printing, manufacturing and more. There are also attachments which include suction cups, grippers, pen holders, laser engravers and more. What makes the magician even more advanced is that it’s accessible with over 20 different programming languages available for creating functions on this device.



Dobot Magician remains the best example of advanced robotics for students. Dobot has created a kit that stills advanced robotics in a very accessible format. Educators can often expand this kit as they want to take on new challenges and the instructions delivered alongside the kit can offer a superior level of educational support. If you are looking for advanced robotics kits for students, look no further than this excellent learning resource.

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