iDraw is the Most Versatile Handwriting-imitated Drawing Machine, the best alternative to Axidraw.

Based on open-source,  iDraw is the best tool and aid for makers, geeks, DIYers, students, teachers with multi-functional features. It can imitate handwriting, draw masterpieces or cartoon, laser engrave on paper, leather, wood. Without soldering or programming, iDraw can run within several minutes. Open API, for advanced users, second-development is supportable. Click to know how to assemble (about pen holder please refer to below guide, this tutorial is old version with old pen holder)iDraw step by step.


  1. We released bigger size – A3 Version (297*420mm)
  2. How to assemble motors for iDraw
  3. How to install the pen holder for iDraw (latest version)
  4. Software user guide
  5. Download the software (Windows) (Mac)


Main features:

  • Handwriting-imitated: Hold a fountain pen at a proper angel of 45 degree to the paper
  • Unmistakable & Precision: Corexy movement algorithm
  • Open-source: pic chip&Programmable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free-lead
  • Writing and laser engraving
  • Fits a wide variety of pens: pens, pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes and more


iDraw is the most advanced drawing machine, the best alternative to Axidraw, which can 100% imitate handwriting on any flat surface with different fonts. It can help in letter, envelope, invitation and more. It can hold a fountain pen at a proper angel of 45 degrees to the paper

Opensource & Programmable

The motherboard is developed from Intel PIC, which is more stable with high quality. PIC is an open-source platform, which supports second-development, for advanced users, they can easily program it with C coding language. Please download the software guide here.

Unmistakable & Precision

Embedded with Corexy movement algorithm, iDraw can precisely display any fonts and images. The repeatability is 0.2mm.

Small and Easy to Use

iDraw is also suitable for beginners, cause it’s designed with a simple structure. You can assemble it within 5 steps with complete tutorials and guides online. What’s more, it’s very small, the size is 500mm*450*100mm, portable for all.

Safe: Free Lead

All iDraw materials are free lead, which means safe and environment-friendly for all.

Fits a Wide Variety of Pens

iDraw not only fits for pens, but also for pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes and any other pen size below 15mm.

Not Just a Writing Robot

iDraw can also change to a laser engraver head, which can laser on wood, paper, leather and more at different watts. Free your imagination, you can transfer it to other robots, not just a writing robot.