Explorer 3D Printer

Explorer 3D Printer is a standalone All-Metal 3D Printer with 0.2mm Repeatability, 80mm/s Speed, 5″x6″x7″ Printing Area, SD Card and USB Connectivity Supported, 3 Turbo Fans, Color Display, Loop of PLA Filament, which is the most advanced stable 3D printer for makers, educators, geeks and everyone. Check the comparison between flashforge, da vinci, monoprice and explorer 3d printer here.

Main Features:

  1. FDM TECHNOLOGY, COMPACT METAL DESIGN WITH HIGH STABILITY: Limit Switch: 3-axis light limit switch, more accurate, more stable; Small all-metal frame, stable and practical. 0.1-0.2mm adjustable printing precision as well as 80mm/s, which is 50% faster than top listed other 3d printers; hexagon interchangeable metal extruder keeps from blocking filament
  2. EASY TO USE AND UNNECESSARY TO ASSEMBLE: Integrated colour LCD display to guide calibration within several steps, graphical UI provides excellent user experience; hub type wiring mode, easy to maintain within half hour; open frame design, convenient to use
  3. GLUE-FREE AND HEAT RESISTANT PLATE KEEP SAFE: Glue-free heating heated bed can move the model easily, heat resistant bed keeps it safe even for kids
  4. SUPPORT ALMOST ALL FILAMENTS: 3 turbo fans keep from wrap, metal plate keeps heat evenly, the wide range of printing temperature – up to 230 degree makes Explorer support almost all 3d printing filaments like PLA, ABS
  5. USB AND FLASH DRIVE CONNECTIVITY: Explorer can run offline with the flash driver or print from PC by USB cable, Cura and Printrun software supported, window/Mac/Linux OS available. Please note that any additional charges that might be incurred for customs clearance must be borne by the receiver

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Full Metal Frame

 All metal frame, self-molded slide rail which is customized for 3D printer


Long-term Stability

 Ingenious assembly positioning device which guarantees the long-term stability

Integrated Color Screen

Integrated color screen, with auxiliary leveling / one key for filament in / one key for filament out function

3 Cooling Fans

 3 cooling fans design  to ensure printing quality, heat sink cooling fan x1 + model cooling fan x2

Glue-free Heating Bed

 Glue-free masking tape free heated bed, can move the model easily

Stable Circuit

Self-developed integrated circuit board to ensure the stability of the circuit

Hub Type Wiring Mode

 Hub type wiring mode, easy to maintain

3 Optical Limit Switch


Optical limit switch to provide high positioning accuracy and service life


Update: the power supports from 110v-220v, it’s suitable for most of american and european countries.

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