Carport Canopy VS Lanmodo Car Umbrella

You love your vehicle and you care for it. You have decided to give a protection cover to your vehicle but can’t decide what could be the best option. Here, in this article, you will see the difference between carport canopy and the new Lanmodo car umbrella and this difference will let you decide which one to buy for your vehicle.

A regular car canopy can last for short term as well as long term depending upon the structure it is made of. Generally, steel, aluminum, PVC or wood are used to make it and these materials only decide its longevity. These materials provide different features to these carport canopies such as canopies made of wood or steel are solid and can withstand high winds. These are commonly used alongside the house and use of wood helps in styling them. When protected properly, they can tolerate the weather otherwise if unprotected, steel can corrode or wood can rot. Typically, wood and steel canopies are made to give protection to your vehicle for long-term.

To set them up, you need time. These are heavy but if the wood is used, the result can be beautiful. The other type, PVC car canopies look like the tents used by travelers, campers or home users. The disadvantage with them is they can’t last long, you can use them for a short-term purpose.

The Lanmodo car umbrellas are made to give you all the benefits a regular car shelter gives. It comes along with the versatility of wood and steel car canopies plus the portability of the PVC car canopies. These umbrellas also have several features of its own such as they can be set up by a single person and they also look stylish.

If you want your own carport canopy, then Lanmodo car umbrella is the best option because it protects your car wherever you go. It can be used anywhere such as work, college, friend’s house, your own house or even cross-country. It is so portable that it can be easily carried anywhere. This car umbrella with stylish looks prevents the paint of your car from harmful sun radiations and also prevents tree sap, bird droppings, twigs, leaves, etc. from falling on your car.

A traditional carport canopy is usually set up near the buildings and because of their solid structure, they serve for long-term. The other one, PVC canopies are flexible but serves short-term purposes. Also, they require more than one person to be established and they can’t be used in a conventional car park. The solution to these problems is Lanmodo car umbrella as it proves its efficacy in most situations and it also protects your car from high winds.

The nylon-support of Lanmodo umbrellas gives long life to the structure and suction cups made of rubber doesn’t make spots on your car. It is very fast to install Lanmodo car umbrella as it is activated in just 8 seconds and on a hot day drops the temperature of your car by 36oC which is not possible without the umbrella. It takes 30 seconds to set up and it can easily fit in your car’s boot when not used. When ousted it measures just 85 cm in length.

Lanmodo car umbrellas come in two different models, automatic and semi-automatic. Features in both the models are similar, the difference is that automatic model comes with remote making it more convenient to use. The company is continuously improving it and adding more features with every new model.


It can be concluded that to ensure the protection of your car anywhere you go, Lanmodo car umbrella is the best option. With numerous unique features, it is the best carport canopy available in the market.

When it comes to protection of your big investment i.e. car, this investment is very small. This umbrella provides the portability of PVC car canopies as it is easy to carry anywhere. But if you live in the areas with high winds, it is advised not to go with car umbrellas. Go for solid carports made of steel or wood. For every other circumstance, Lanmodo car umbrellas are the best because they give a cool look to your car and its various features protect your car.

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