Best Alternative Camping Tent to Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

How to pick up a suitable camping tent for you familly? Generally speaking,  5 aspects most of people would consider first.

  1. Size – That’s the most obvious aspect. The basic is big enough to hold every camping members. What’s more, some backups for bad weather like raining are also welcomed. Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent provides rainfly to enjoy even in raining day like REI Coop camping tent.
  2. Weight – If you’re looking for backpacking tent, lightweight version should be the best choice, cause every ounce counts. For family camping, generally speaking we will bring everything in the car. Weight won’t be a big issue. By the way, heavier tents also more durable and spacious for long last.
  3. Layout – There are 2-room or 3-room camping layouts or more. Bigger camping tent gives more privacy and options. Pick up the right version based on your different camping purposes.
  4. Durable – Check the different materials, some cheap tents are made of nylon fabric, which might not stand up to a storm or even a heavy raining in the woods. Choose some materials like fiberglass, which is 10x stronger than normal fabric.
  5. Price – There are over 50% people take price as the priority, a reasonable price with high-quality product always the key feature. Compared with different camping tents, which are all within your current budget, find out the best.
  6. Multifunction – More function means less cost on different features, if the budget is fixed, a camping tent with more options is welcomed.

Actually, Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent is one of the best choice for many family campers. Here are some features I love most.


  • The vented rainfly for extra airflow without extra assembly
  • Water-proof feature to prevent from raining weather to break this pleasure camping
  • Easy-to-install within 60 seconds

Though the quality and function are no doubt, is there any alternatives with all those features but better?

Here I would like to recommend Lanmodo Camping Tent, let’s check the compare chart first.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Lanmodo Camping Tent
Price $219.99 $239
Best Use Camping Camping and Car Protection
Seasons 3-season 4-season
Sleeping Capacity 6-person 7-person
Packaged Weight 26.8 lbs 14 lbs.
Packed Size 72.01 x 107.99 x 120 inches 34 x 11 x 5 inches
Floor Dimensions 120 x 100 inches 137 x 82 inches
Peak Height 5.9 ft. 5.9 ft.
Number of Doors 1 door 8 doors, all doors are adjustable
Canopy Fabric Fiberglass
Floor Fabric 150D polyester 210D Oxford cloth
Rainfly Fabric  150D polyester 210D Oxford cloth
Design Type Freestanding Freestanding

From above chart, there are no more advantages than Coleman for Lanmodo.  However, Lanmodo camping tent also can be a car tent after put off all surrounding fabrics and only left the stand with top. The suction base can stick to the car top directly to protect your car from any possible damages with water-proof, anti-uv, anti-theft features. Actually it has over 20 different modes like popup tent, rainfly tent, rooftop tent, beach tent. If you have only $200 around budget, which camping tent you will choose?


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