Best 10 Tech Toys for Boys 2017

Tech toys are becoming more and more popular among parents and children, especially boys. This is not a surprise because boys like technology and by using tech toys they are getting an opportunity to learn while playing. With the help of tech toys, you can help boys develop social skills and improve emotional development, let them understand the effects and consequences of their actions, and spend some quality time together. In this article, we will analyze the best tech toys for boys this year.

This is a tiny programmable robot that kids can program to race, dance, move and do other things. They can use it to make special challenges and activities. The product comes with a 3-month warranty.

  • Floating Globe with LED Lights

The vast majority of boys like geography. This science gives them a chance to fantasize and place themselves in the role of explorers. This product is a toy and decoration piece at the same time. It represents a floating globe that they can place on their desk.

The list continues with a cute robot that can be controlled remotely. This robot suitable for children older than 3 has five fun modes. For instance, it can walk with tray and battle with other robots. We are sure that the boys will love these modes.

The list of best tech toys 2017 continues with a set that includes modified versions of some tech gadgets used by adults on a daily basis. In this set, you will find a remote controller, a wireless car key, and a smartphone toy.

The vast majority of boys like pets and this electronic pet might be the best option for parents who don’t want to keep a live pet in their home. This blue puppy can sit, walk, beg and jump all over the home without creating any mess.

Now here’s a good example of a tech toy that can be connected with a mobile app. It comes with three power cubes, a charger, and the Cozmo robot. This toy gives users access to a robotics platform that can be used by hobbyists, researchers, and others. So, it’s a toy for kids and adults.

This is an excellent gift for boys who are interested in technology, especially in robotics. The Table Top Robot by 4M represents a modern hands-on science kit that can help any boy (and girl) learn the basic principles of robotics.

Let your kid step into the world of photography with this simple, yet useful action cam. This is a very durable camera that they can mount on skateboards, bikes and other objects. It works under water too.

Drones are very popular these days and it seems that using this remote-controlled flying ball is one of the simplest ways to introduce drone technology to your boys.

Why use a tech toy that is focused on one activity when you can get a 5-in-1 toy? This is what you can get from Dobot Magician, a tech toy that helps boys learn tons of new things. It supports their proper mental and physical development and makes them happy.

Dobot Magician is on the top of the list of cool kid toys 2017 options. This is a rare tech toy where you can find features like graphical programming for kids (it supports 20 coding languages). In addition, boys can control it in seven different ways which allow them to learn how to use different devices like PC, joystick, Bluetooth and mobile devices. Perfect for STEAM education, Dobot Magician works as an interactive learning center with tools like a laser engraver, 3D printer and pen holder.

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