10 Tips to Prevent Hot Car Death for Kids This Summer

There are hundreds of kids, 85% of them are under 3 ages, suffered from hot car heath in the summer. Parents are not failure in love, they are failure in bad memory. Most of parents left kids in the car because they don’t remember, while few of them even didn’t realize how danger is it and how bad the result is. Here, as a 1-year-old boy’s mom, I would like to share the top 10 tips I collected to prevent heat stroke or heat death in car for your kids this summer.

  1. No Exceptions, No Excuse

Don’t leave your kids in the car even 1 minute. Sometimes, you may think it’s just 5 minutes for me to buy some food in the store for dinner, nothing would happen if I can be back soon. However, your memory will fade out after you dive into the numerous discount food in supermarket. Don’t ask me why I knew it, I just knew it, because I am a woman.

  1. Know What’s the Bad Result

Compared with adults, kids’ body is easy to catch hot and cold, especially for toddlers, they even don’t have sound system to balance different temperature within short term. If the outdoor temperature is 90 degrees, the car temperature can be 80-130 degree within 10-15 minutes, while the body can reach to 105 degrees. It can result in dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousness, and/or death. Now you’re how extremely dangerous to leave kids in car?

  1. Remind Yourself by Breaking Your Usual Routine

If driving kids to school is daily work for most of mothers, it’s not usual for fathers. Therefore, in case to prevent this bad situation, you have 2 options. Firstly, leave your shoes or cell phone or briefcase or computer or any other usual staff in the back seat, which can remind you when you grab them in the back. Secondly, leave some baby stuff like diapers, feeding bottles in the front seat to remind you that today you took your baby out, even he/she is sleeping in the back, you still will remember.

  1. Prevent Kids from Playing or Hiding in the Car

Always lock the car and keep the car key in a safe place, in case those naughty children open the car when you’re not at home. If you have some motion detection in your car when you’re not driving, that’s better.

  1. Check that They Arrived

If you don’t have time to escort kids to the school or back from school, make sure that the kids arrived in safe. You can call the drivers or teachers to check. Have a plan with childcare provider.

  1. Check the Back Door Before Lock No Matter You Have or Haven’t Kids

That’s a good habit, sometimes even you’re not a parent, maybe some boys or girls sneakered into your car and want to hide to prevent punishment from parents. Check it before lock is better.

  1. Travel with a Furry Companion

Cat or dog is not just a pet for you. For kids, they’re also friends. Travel with them, they might remind you that the kids need friends.

  1. Bystander? Get Involved!

If you find someone kept in the car in hot summer, don’t just stand, call 911 or find way to break the Window. Especially when the kid is faint because of hot.

  1. Travel with Another Friend or Your Companion – Wife/Husband

Like furry companion, another company would remind you the kids and help you keep awake when driving.

  1. A Suitable Anti-UV Car Rooftop Tent

Prepare an anti-heat car rooftop tent like Lanmodo car tent, which can keep your car cool and the temperature of outdoor and indoor can be different up to 36 degrees. Prevent cars from stove in hot summer, always cool and fresh. It can be installed within 30 seconds, as long as you take this car tent out, it feels free to keep the kids in the car, buy as much as discount food in the market as you like.

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