10 Best Robotics For Battlebots 2017

If you are a fan of robotics, you have probably heard about Battlebots – the American robot competition television series that has coverage in more than 150 countries. The show is all about wowing viewers with all the latest stuff in one of the most tech-wake industry in the world, robotics.

With all that’s happening in robotics for Battlebots this year, it is hard to map out all the achievements and novelties that are popping out of everywhere. That is why we decided to narrow things down to the ten best robotics for the latest season of Battlebots.

1. Red Devil

This is a combat machine that is one of the best looking robots on Battlebots 2017. The whole concept is a pair of grabbing claws, a lifter arm and a saw. So, the main strength of this robot is to drive to another one, grab it with the claws and cut it with its saw.

2. Hyper Shock

This robot has been replaced and tweaked to perfection – with its axis and wheels kept the same. The carbon system, motors and chassis have been totally rebuilt, along with the weapon systems. All thanks to stronger motors and stronger materials.

3. Chomp

A lot of differences are made on Chomp for Season 2 of Battlebots 2017 as well. The drive train is the same – but the weapon is now a hammer, updated from the last year’s crusher that based on a drill.  Oh, and there is a flamethrower too!

4. Whyachi

The robot that exploded in Season 1 gets a new facelift – and is now redone with a new key point – The Dragon. Basically, this robot has become an aerial vehicle with the use of four new quadcopter units. The drone and flame combination is definitely supposed to distract many opponents.

5. Deathroll

Deathroll’s mission is to resemble a crocodile that is revamped in a technical way. While the aesthetics are a big part of it, the functionality is also great – making Deathroll flip and move fast in every direction.

6. Obwalden Overlord

This is perhaps one of the most interesting and powerful robots on Battlebots 2017. At the same time, it is one of the strongest ones because of its dominance and the ability to mimick human movements – as synchronized and controlled by its team of manufacturers. In fact, the ‘Overlord’ is a combination of four different robots which are equally powerful when grabbing, throwing and smashing.

7. Mega Tento

This robot resembles a massive lady bug that lifts up, captures the opponent and ‘blends it’ into its guts. The drum spinner is the key feature making this possible. There have been a lot of design upgrades and a new shape that features a plastic body which is not heavy and allowing it to move quickly.

8. Warhead

This is the closest a robot can get to a dinosaur – featuring a gigantic mouth and an all-stell craft that has been reinvented by the team of Megatrons of Attitude. The sharp teeth and opening of up to 3ft is what captures the opponent – and the flame effect is what destroys it completely.

9. Road Rash

This video game- inspired robot has one main strength – the ability to crush other in a way a motorcycle would crush on a highway. There is sparks, tires and a motorcycle that makes it fast and super powerful.

10. Subzero

Last on our list is Dobot Magician – even though it is not related to freezing – this new robot uses a high pressure nitrogen system that runs on a 3000psi bottle which gets under the opponent and launch its into the air.

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