Why people Want a Portable Car Tent?

Cars are one of those assets that are very close to us, much like houses and properties. This makes us care for the cars even more. This is why people often look for protection and RV canopy that can help them save their cars from outside hazards and bad weather. This article will guide you on the basic reasons and functionalities of portable car tents.

  • What do people think when it comes to car tents?

People have owned portable canopy for years. These are traditional car tents that people use for multiple functionalities, which are huge in size and can be a nuisance at times when it comes to installing or setting it up and later closing it down after using. Moreover, these traditional car tents are heavy and cannot be easily carried here and there, however, car owners used to do it to protect their cars. Moreover, not everybody knows the technique of installing it, so the majority of people fail to install it properly and reap its maximum benefits.

This is when people realized that they should move to using portable canopy than the traditional ones.

  • How does Lanmodo Car Tent benefit you?

Now there is a range of benefits and reasons that make people prefer Lanmodo car tents. From its manageable weight, dimensions and portability features to its car protection benefits, it offers everything that a person is looking for in an RV canopy.

Some of the salient features of this portable canopy are:

  1. Automatic System

The whole equipment is automated making the installing and de-installing process pretty easy and convenient for the users. With simply a press of the button, you can either remove or install the equipment on the car. This helps you not get involved in the manual process of a traditional car tent.

     2. Great quality material

With Lanmodo, you can sure of one thing that the materials used to make it have a long life and are of high quality. They have a very lightweight and convenient fiberglass material and are also waterproof. This makes the protection multi-pronged. To be precise, this portable canopy uses the 210D material of Oxford nylon for more durability.

    3. Automated structure

Unlike traditional RV canopy, this one has the automatic system integrated into it that makes it easy to carry and make it to a size that is easily portable once taken off. Once folded, you can put it easily in the trunk of your car.

    4. Anti-heated system

One of the most sought after features of this portable canopy is that it keeps your car cool. So, in extremely hot weather, you don’t have to worry about unlocking our car and be welcome with heated gas and uncomfortable air. Your car remains in a decent temperature helping you take a nap when you want.

    5. Portability

You don’t have to go through the worries of installing and uninstalling the car tent all the time. Unlike any other RV canopy, the lanmodo car tent is portable and has an ability to cover the car once you press the remote control. This portability feature also makes it possible to use this car tent as picnic canopy whenever you go for vacations.

If you want your car to be protected from outdoor hazards like extreme rain, hail, winds, bird droppings and the likes, here are a few tips that you should keep handy:

  • Your car should be parked in an area that is away from acidic fruits
  • Don’t park your car under trees
  • Make sure to avoid car contact with bird droppings or where the wind is blowing
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