Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Automatic Car Umbrella

Car covers are becoming a necessity for car owners due to numerous reasons. This sun canopy provides the shelter and protection to the cars and prevents it from heating up in extremely hot conditions. With such highlighting features, there is a wide range of benefits that you should own an automatic car umbrella.

  • Protect your car from bad weather

From extreme hot weathers to rain and winds, there is a range of bad weather conditions that we experience. It can’t get any better than getting a shade canopy that helps our cars be safe from all the harmful effects of bad weather conditions. Hail, strong wind, rain, UV radiation and all other major reasons that directly affect the life and health of the cars can easily be avoided with an automated car umbrella.

  • Protect from outdoor hazards

Imagine that you have just got your car washed a few minutes back and when you drive and park it outside the building; you see bird droppings on it! It’s more irritating in reality than what you’d be able to imagine! On the contrary, if you had a sun canopy on your car, you wouldn’t have had this issue in the first place. Problems like, dust, scratches and other dirt marks can easily be avoided by using a car umbrella. Moreover, it can also prevent you from theft because the belts that come with the shade canopy are thick and can’t be cut and removed from your car.

  • You can brand it

It is a mobile advertising space that you get for any brand and business that you want to advertise. It can either be yours or you can use it to brand somebody else’s company and services. Individuals who like to promote their companies and brands often use it because it is a cost effective advertising avenue.

  • Quick and easy to setup

The equipment comes with a remote controller so that it can easily be assembled or wound out whenever you want to conveniently and taking the least amount of time making your life even simpler.

  • Very Portable

Since the sun canopy is easily foldable, it is also easy to carry. You can fold and keep it in your trunk with ease. It has an automatic setup that could be installed with the press of a button and voila!

  • Customizable

This shade canopy is available in various colors, styles, sizes, shapes and thus you can customize it as per the dimensions of your car. This helps you get what you exactly want to match your car specifications.

  • Multi-purpose functionality

If you plan to go on a picnic or just want to relax inside the car – this car umbrella is your savior! It can be used as a parasol on a picnic. Moreover, if you want to take a nap inside the car, this offers cooling features. The sun canopy prevents the car from heating up and thus the wind keeps blowing between the shade and the car keeping the car’s inside cool and relaxing.

Lanmodo has patented rights for the folding features of its shade canopy. The feature along with its high-quality materials allows for greater stability in the car umbrella. It can also resist level 7 strong winds and has belts and ropes attached to the equipment that further strengthens its protection. It is also made in a way to cover the whole area of your car and protecting each bit with its 2100mm x 3500mm dimensions. Use the canopy when convenient and put it back inside the trunk with extreme ease when not needed. 

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