Tips to Choose the Right Car Umbrella for Your Vehicle

Defensive spreads are a necessity to keep your cars safe and protected from a range of things including extreme heat, hail, bird droppings, etc. These are however foldable and easy to use owing to its light weighted fitting and user-friendly features of spreading merely with the push of a button. Nevertheless, buying a car umbrella or a tent canopy might be tricky if you don’t really know what exactly you are looking for.

Below we have compiled a list of salient features that you should look for when you decide to buy a right car umbrella.

  • Functionality and Ease of Use:

It should be fair to use and should function with a single push of the button.

  • Ease of Installation:

There shouldn’t be an entire science involved in installing the equipment and should take less than a minute for the whole installation process.

  • Design

It should aesthetically look nice and available in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

  • Multi-purpose functionality

You should be able to use the tent canopy for a range of things like a tenting camp, parasol as well as a car shade.

  • Good quality

The material used in the umbrella should be of high quality.

material of lanmodo car tent

This car umbrella is basically a car covering to offer shelter against heat, UV radiation and anything that drops on the car. However, there is an intentional space between the tent canopy and the car so that wind may pass in between, which will keep heat away from entering the car inside. All these functions of the car umbrella help to increase the health of the car. 

Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella offers all these exciting features and is unique in its functionality and usage. It can easily be controlled with a remote and its folding ability makes it extremely portable and easy to carry. This denotes that it wouldn’t take much of your car space once folded and kept inside and it merely weights 6kg. As per the features offered by the tent canopy, the weight is too minimal. Moreover, the installation and set-up process takes just a few seconds relative to the extent of protection it offers. It’s cooling features that help the car to remain cool even in hot temperature are extremely sought after because it helps to maintain the health and life of the car and is like a car roof.

auto car tent

As far as setting it up is concerned, the car umbrella can easily be attached to rear bumper with the help of its canister. It can easily be opened up and closed using the remote controller. With Lanmodo, the best part is that it is available in four colors to match the preference of all individuals. It also has a Do-It-Yourself feature that allows people to customize and maneuver it as they like.

Another brighter side that people use this tent canopy for is the relaxing cool time that people can spend inside the car taking a nap or simply resting. Since it keeps the car cool and shaded people tend to enjoy some peaceful time after heavy work hours. This feature expands the usage of the car umbrella to various outdoor activities, to be added to business trips as well as to enjoy some peaceful moment in the backyard. The versatility of the car umbrella is such that you can also use it for camping purposes taking it off from the car and installing it at any place of your choice.

Tips to effectively use car umbrella

There are a few measures and handy tips that you should follow to make your tent canopy work at its best:

  1. Do not use the car umbrella while driving
  2. Once you have installed the car umbrella, you should hook up the windproof hook.
  3. Make sure you don’t use the car umbrella while it is raining heavily or in an extremely windy weather.
  4. Keep your car umbrella clean if it is dusty.
  5. In case, it is moderately windy, make sure you have the necessary win resistant ropes tightened so that the umbrella doesn’t get blown away. It can only resist speed of sixty-one kilometers per hour.

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