Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella Vs Manual Car Cover

It mostly happens while traveling that we take a pause for different reasons. Most of the time, we search all the nearby surroundings but don’t find a place or shade to park our car. Distressed, we leave our car in open to suffer from the hotness of the sun. How do you feel when you return from the beach with your family members or alone in a hot automobile? Yes, you feel uncomfortable and to get rid of this inconvenience, you have two options: you can go for traditional car covers with manual functions or the latest innovative car umbrellas with the automatic mechanism. In this thread, both these options are compared so that you can get a better solution. With time technology has advanced so much that you get many options even for your small needs.

It is very annoying to face the heat or see the bird droppings on your car. This happens when you park your car in an open area under the sunlight. In this situation, both manual covers, as well as automatic umbrellas, protects your car from harmful UV rays. But, the automatic umbrella has many other benefits such as it sets up in just 30 seconds and the automatic car umbrella lowers the temperature more than the manual car covers. It is found that automatic umbrellas lower the temperature by 36oC whereas the manual car covers decrease the temperature of the vehicle by just 10-15oC. The material of the covers used in manual car covers is not as effective as those of automatic car umbrellas and it doesn’t reflect the heat received from the sun. The automatic umbrellas repel as well as absorb more sunlight and provides the needed comfort to your car.

The main function of manual car covers is to give the car protection from dust. On the other hand, automatic car umbrellas serve multiple purposes. Besides cooling down your car, they protect your car from rain, wind, snow, dust, leaves, etc. Moreover, these automatic umbrellas can be used as sunshade at the picnic or when going out somewhere.

These two also differ when it comes to setting them up i.e. assembling and disassembling. In manual covers, all functions are done manually and the result is that it consumes a lot of time to set up. When doing it every day, it feels very annoying. While, the automatic car umbrellas are operated with remote control, setting them up becomes very easy. The Lanmodo car umbrella sets up in just 30 seconds.

In the following table, the differences are shown in terms of features. Have a look at it.


Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella

Manual Car Cover

Time Saving



Easy Installation






Anti-theft Protection




3-5 years

2-3 years


Controlled by Remote Control

Manually Controlled


Protects from sun, acid rain, snow, dust,
leaves, bird dropping, etc.

Mostly Protects from Dust

From these differences, it can be easily seen that the automatic car umbrellas beat the traditional manual car covers in all the fields, whether it is about functionality, efficiency, ease of use, reliability or quality. That is why it is recommended that Lanmodo car umbrellas are the best option for you in the case of outdoor protection of your car.

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